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Getting Started With WordPress: 9-Step WordPress Installation Guide

Whenever we want to create a new website or Blog, the 1st Tool comes in our mind is WordPress. WordPress was first launched in 2003 as a blogging platform. Soon it gained traction from its users because of the simplicity and the power of a transformation.

Yes, I said transformation. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms which can be used for creating and running any type of websites. Though its core features are blogging friendly, thanks to its power of transformation, with its 40,000+ plugins we can create any kind of website within hours.

Today more than 30% of websites in the world run on WordPress. The popularity of WordPress as huge as many web hosting services like Bluehost is offering dedicated WordPress hosting with one click install.

Well, today we are gonna learn step-by-step guide to WordPress Installation through Softaculous – An open source software provided by web hosting services.

So, let’s start this Step-by-step Guide.

10 step wordpress installation guide


Step 1 – Login to your cPanel Account

When you purchase a shared hosting plan, you have been provided by your cPanel login credentials as well as the login URL for the 1st time login. If you have propagated your web host’s nameservers with your domain name then no need to use the URL provided for 1st-time login. You just have to input “www.yourwebsitename/cPanel” in the address bar.

If you don’t know how to properly connect your web host nameservers with your domain, I refer you to my step-by-step tutorial Web address | Get domain name and Configure DNS

Although, few web hosting services don’t allow you to log in via “www.yourwebsitename/cPanel” due to security reasons. In this case, they provide a special link to log in to your cPanel.

cpanel login

Enter the username and password provided by your web host and press login.

Step 2 – Find Softaculous apps installer 

Every cPanel based web hosting service provides Softaculous-a free installer where you will get over 300 free software, CMS, and apps to install in your web directory. WordPress is the most popular among them.

softaculous installer

Softaculous provides a wide variety of free and premium software like,

  • CMS
  • Forums
  • Apps
  • Shopping carts
  • and many more

The cool thing of Softaculous is it’s very easy to install a software on your web server. You can do this with just a few clicks.

Step 3 – Click on WordPress 

In Softaculous, you have to click on WordPress icon to start the installation process.

wordpress installer

Step 4 – WordPress Installation Window

Clicking on the WordPress Icon leads to you on the installation screen where you will find many options. But don’t be panic, just press the install button as I shown below.

install wordpress

Step 5 – Click On Install Now Button

When you click on install now button, you will be redirected to this screen.

quick install wordpress

Now Click on the Quick Install button and your screen turns as an easy installation screen.

Step 6 – Configuring Setting (The most important step)

wordpresss installinstalling wordpress

  1. Choose your domain name from the drop-down menu. If you have only one domain then this is already chosen on the drop-down menu. The other domain will appear when you add them via addon domain option in cPanel. The number of addon domains depends on your web hosting plan. If you have a hosting plan which doesn’t allow you to add new domains, in that case, you can’t use addon domain option to add new domains.
  2. This option is to choose optional directories if you want to install WordPress in your preferred directory. Leave this blank as it will automatically install your WordPress website on home directory. I prefer this to leave blank if you are
  3. Here you have to give a username for your WordPress dashboard.
  4. You have to provide a password for your WordPress dashboard. It is advised to set a strong username and password because the login page is generally visible to the world and anybody who knows your login credentials can log in to your WordPress dashboard. Although there are some plugins which can hide the login and admin page from the world in default these pages are accessible by the world.
  5. Here you have to provide your main email ID which can be used to recover your account if you lost your password. This will be your primary email on your WordPress dashboard.
  6. Limit login attempts is a plugin which can limit the login with wrong credentials to maximum 3 attempts. After the maximum number of attempts reached you have been blocked for 15 minutes. This is very useful security tool for your WordPress website.
  7. W3 Total Cache and WP Super cache are cache plugins which make your website fast caching your pages and posts with an extra memory. Today speed plays the main role in SEO so installing these plugins would be a better decision.
  8. Now its time to choose your theme. You can select any of those themes initially. Later you can change this with the better one.
  9. Now Press the Install button which leads you to this page

Step 7 – Installing WordPress

When you press install button you will be redirected to a screen where you can see the progress of the installation just like this.

Step 8 – Installation Successful

Now you will get this screen saying you have successfully installed WordPress on your web hosting server.

installing wordpress 3

Step 9 – Open your WordPress DashBoard

You can now open your WordPress dashboard by the two URL’s.

  • www.yoursitename.com/wp-admin
  • www.yoursitename.com/wp-login

Note: Change the site name with your website name

Troubleshooting – Uninstalling your WordPress 

Newbies could make mistakes during the installation So I have given the uninstallation process too, which can help you if you would make any mistakes such as filled out wrong login details etc.

Step 1

Press the overview menu in WordPress installation window.

Step 2 

You can see current installations when you scroll downwards. Find your choice(You wrong installation) from the list and click on the delete icon next to this.

Step 3

Now you will be redirected to the uninstallation page where you just have to click on the remove installation button and within a few seconds, you have been prompt that you have been successfully uninstalled WordPress.

unistall wordpress


As you have seen that installing WordPress on your web server is not as hard as you think. Though, you can use this tutorial as a guide when you meet some difficulties during the installation process.

But if you want 1-click installation with other WordPress related features than I will refer you to choose WordPress dedicated hosting plans. These plans are tweaked to perform better with WordPress hence you get better speed and flexibility with WordPress hosting. As well as you get extended support for your WordPress blog or website. 

As I always refer, Bluehost is the best in WordPress hosting packages. I am a continuous client of Bluehost and didn’t get any trouble with Bluehost in past so I am happy to recommend you Bluehost. Of course, I advertise Bluehost on my website because I know I am recommending my readers to a Genuine Web hosting service. However, You can check out Bluehost hosting packages here.

If you know any other methods of installing WordPress comment below. Useful comments can help a lot to readers. Also, share this post to your social network as sharing an article encourages me to create more valuable contents.

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