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What is Web Hosting [A Beginner guide]

Are you curious to know what is web hosting? Here is the brief answer.

Web hosting is an integral part of any website. If we’ll go, in short, website hosting is an online space where you can host your website.

In this technological era, especially after 2010, online presence is must for any kind of business. Today if you want to grow your business then you have to make your website nor you would face failure in your business.

Although there are many parts of website creation which you have to understand before taking any further step. But there are three important terms you should be familiar with them.

  1. Web hosting.
  2. Domain
  3. Website building

As you have seen above, website hosting is one of the most important things in website creation. So in this article, I will thoroughly cover all the aspects of web hosting and web hosting services that are best suited for your business.

Table of content

  1. What is web hosting
  2. Types of web hosting
  3. Domain name and its relation to web hosting
  4. Relation of SEO with web hosting
  5. Free web hosting vs paid web hosting
  6. Best web hosting services for your website

 What is web hosting



I think it’s the best answer for your query.

Web hosting is like your online office space. Just like your physical office, your website has it’s own web address(domain name) and carpet space(web hosting space).

When you create a website and it’s up and running, anybody in this world who use the internet can access your online office. Just like your physical office, anyone can find your product and services you offer. 

Web hosting is as important as your domain name. Just think, if you have an office which has its address but there is no carpet area there, then where your visitors come to meet you?

Technically, web hosting is an online web space where you host your website’s files and database. Anyone can access your public files through internet. The only requirement for them is the DNS or domain name address of your website.

Web hosting and domain name are online services which you have to purchase and pay for them on a recurring basis. When you purchase web hosting from a company, they generally provide you with a space on their server to host your website files for the public. For that space, they charge money from you in recurring basis. 

The size of web hosting space usually depends upon the size of your website. Some websites have no need to buy much space. On the other side, some website has large files size and database size and they need more space on the server.

After purchasing the space in web server you will get a control panel called cPanel from where you have to upload files to your website and control all your website features and future updates.

Web hosting provider gives you a username and password and also the cPanel web address from where you can access cPanel. Also, they give you FTP(File Transfer Protocol) address and FTP credential for bulk uploading your website files.

Years ago web hosting was very expansive but today you can purchase hosting services at much affordable cost.

Types of web hosting


Although there are many web hosting plans out there we will discuss here 7 common types of web hosting plans. 4 of them are enough for your website needs.

1. Shared web hosting 

shared web hosting-mambuzz

Shared web hosting means you are sharing the server with other webmasters or other websites. Let me explain.

When you purchase a shared hosting plan, hosting provider give you part of space on that server which has been already sharing space with other websites. This type of server is called super server and hundreds of thousands of websites hosted on that particular server.

But there is a disadvantage of shared hosting plans. As there are many websites hosted on the same server, the server load is a big problem in shared hosting. If any website which is bigger than other websites, is getting tons of traffic then your website could be down or perform poorly. Due to this, your visitors could have a bad experience.

If you are starting a new website then I suggest starting with the shared server because it’s costing is very cheap. As low as 2$ to 10$ in a month. When your website’s traffic will be increased then you could go with other hosting plans.

For more information on shared hosting click here to check out this article also. 

2. Reseller Web Hosting 


Reseller web hosting plans are, especially for web developers. If you are a website developer then you can easily buy a big space from the web hosting companies and sell it to your clients as a part of your web developing process.

It’s also a shared hosting plan. You will get the space on a Super server but with some great extra features and facilities.

Some of them are

  • WHM (Web host manager control panel)
  • Free website templates. With that, you can create stunning websites for your clients.
  • White label support. Whenever your client has any tech issue, your hosting company handles with your customer, behalf of you.
  • And the biggest advantage is Private name servers. You can make private name servers telling your customers that your company has its own hosting facility. You can modify the nameservers just like “ns1.yourwebdesigncompany.com”.

You can get reseller hosting plan from $15 to $100. Price depends on your needs.

With reseller plan, you can create your own web hosting company and sell online web space. It’s a great idea for those who want to start a web hosting company but don’t have enough capital initially.

Here is a brief detail about Reseller hosting click here to read

3. Cloud web hosting plans


cloud web hosting-mambuzz

Cloud web hosting technology is a new technology where hundreds of servers are paired together to make a giant cloud server. It’s just a grid station of different individual servers.

The main advantage of that kind of server is, when your website unusually gets a large traffic on an occasion then cloud server can handle this surge of traffic without shutting down your website. I think it’s the best option for the websites getting large traffic. So if you have already a blog or website which is now popular and getting large traffic then it’s time to upgrade your shared hosting plan to cloud hosting.

Its price range depends on your needs. You have to pay for what you want for your website. Usually, plans start at $4.95 per month.

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4. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

virtual private server-mambuzz

A virtual private server is a server managed just for your website. After purchasing the VPS plan you will get a virtual server with a dedicated RAM, hard disc space, and CPU.

The main advantage of this plan is there are no other websites on your server for sucking the resources of the server as in shared hosting. If you purchase this plan, hosting companies allocate a dedicated server with dedicated RAM, space, and CPU for you.

Costing depends on your needs but minimum cost is $50 per month.

Here is a useful article about VPS server click here to read

5. Dedicated Web Server

dedicated web server mambuzz

Unlike from Virtual private server, dedicated web server is a physical server, renting from hosting company. If you rent web server from hosting company then you will get the full control over the server in addition with “root permissions in Linux servers”. Just like a virtual private server or VPS you don’t worry about the neighbor websites sucking the resources in shared hosting plans and slowing down your website.

This is the highest form of web hosting where you can get a dedicated physical server with dedicated physical RAM, hard disc space, and CPU. All the big websites who are getting a lot of traffic are using this type of web hosting. Some of them have their own servers and some of them rented the servers from big web hosting companies.

Although it is very costly to manage your own servers, You could rent a dedicated web server from any big hosting companies if are getting a lot of traffic to your website.

If you want to rent a dedicated server then you have to pay a minimum of $119 per month.

Want to know all about the dedicated server? just click here

6. Colocation Web hosting plan

colocation web hosting plan mambuzz

When you have a server but you don’t have any space to install it then you can colocate your server renting some space in a data center. You can install your server in the data center and data center authority will allocate the power, cooling, and internet facility to your server.

It means you are responsible for your colocated server’s space CPU and memory and whenever it’s hardware fails, you have to install new hardware to get your server up and running.

In easy words, it’s not for newbies and also for those who are in this field for years. It’s just a rented house for your server.

7. Self-service Web hosting

self service web hosting mambuzz

Self-service hosting is which are using all the giants in online business like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. They all use there own data centers where they have installed own servers and serve their website to the world. It’s for them, whose website getting tons of traffic daily and can’t be handled with the above all plans.

If you want to host your website on your own server then you need facilities.

  • Data center space
  • Cooling facility
  • Power with a backup power facility
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Server
  • System manager
  • Data center manager
  • and more…

8. WordPress hosting plan


If you are a blogger you probably know about WordPress. WordPress is a CMS(content managing system) software which is ideal for blogging websites as well as another type of websites. You will be wondered listening that 19% of websites in the world are created with WordPress.

Today WordPress is huge and this is the reason all the hosting companies provide special WordPress hosting.

In WordPress hosting, companies provide direct installation of WordPress CMS on your server. The installation is one click and takes only 5 minutes. So this type of hosting is for them who don’t know anything about web designing and programming. Just install WordPress and configure WordPress by installing the particular plugins from its dashboard which type of site you want to make. there are 40,000 free plugins in WordPress plugin directory for all type of website needs. If you want to create a blog, shopping cart, portfolio. any kind of website is possible in WordPress without any programming skills.

There are many plans companies provide in this category but you will get an entry-level plan in just $5 per month.

Read all about WordPress hosting. click here

Domain name and it’s relation to web hosting


Domain name is a web address of your website where your visitors visit via a web browser. It’s easy to remember the name of your website which you have to buy from various domain name provider. Some of them are Godaddy.com and BigRock.com.

Now you are wondering if we purchase the Web Address from a domain name provider than how it will show my website files? Right?

The answer is simple. When you buy a web hosting plan, you will be provided with a DNS or domain name server address which you have to connect with your domain name from the settings dashboard of your domain name provider.

Once the DNS is connected with the domain name, you will see the website files by simply typing the domain name in the address field of the web browser. See below example.


The format of DNS is just like



Without a domain name, web hosting is like a house without address and without web hosting a domain name is like an address without a physical house. So these both are complementary to each other.

If you want to know how to configure DNS then see my step by step guide on Web address and DNS configuration

Want to know more the difference between domain name and web hosting? click here to read

Relation of SEO with web hosting


SEO is the short form of search engine optimization. Creating a website is just one side of website making. The other and wast side of this is SEO. When you create your website you have to submit your site to various search engines to crawl your website and index in their database.

After that whenever someone fills a query related to your website category on that search engine, where you have submitted your website, he will get a bunch of results along with your website. But there is very tough competition in every category so it’s very low chance to show your website in 1st 10 results for that particular query or keyword. Here comes SEO. If you properly SEO your website then there is more chance to show your website in the top. 

There are many forms of SEO. One of them is server side SEO. In this, you have to tweak your server and website files for SEO and one of them is your site loading time.

If your site loads slower then your visitor gets poor experience and never visit again. Due to this your website’s bounce rate will increase and search engine will take you down in search results. 

NOTE: always choose a web hosting provider which have its data center in your own country it will definitely speed up your website.

Here I want to tell you that only choose dedicated hosting plans because in shared hosting your website performance depends on the other website’s traffic and file loads. whenever server suffers you are in trouble.

So wisely choose your hosting plan if you want to perfectly SEO your website to get maximum benefits of the search engine.

Free web hosting vs paid web hosting


I strongly recommend you to not go with any free hosting plans. There are many reasons which will answer your why.

  • Free hosting is not reliable
  • Free web hosting provider doesn’t let you host your own TLD(Top Level) domain. They usually offer 2nd level domain for hosting.
  • Virus attacks are common in free hosting plans.
  • Do not have all the functionally in Cpanel like paid hosting

Although there is one advantage of free hosting. If you are a newbie and don’t want to invest in start then you can use free hosting for learning purpose that how web hosting works. That’s only for learning.

But if you are serious about website development that I suggest you go only with paid hosting.

Click here to read the merits and demerits of free hosting.

Best web hosting services for your website


There are many cheap web hosting services out there but who cares about your real needs. Actually, we can count them on fingers.

Here are 3 best hosting service provider. I recommend you to choose one of them listed here because they give the value for your money. They are reliable, provide best customer support as well as suits in your pocket.


BlueHost is in web hosting field for many years. Although Bluehost is giant in hosting services if you are a WordPress user then I strongly recommend you to purchase your web hosting service from BlueHost. The claims 99.99% uptime guaranty. And do you know I am also using BlueHost for my WordPress websites?

Click the button below to BlueHost Word press hosting if you want to grab an extra discount on it’s hosting packages.



The second web hosting service provider on my list is HostGator which is another giant in web hosting field. It offers cheap and reliable web hosting. It’s web hosting plans start from $5 per month. Click the button to check out the whole range of hosting it offers.


3.BigRock Hosting service

It’s probably the cheapest hosting service on our planet with just $1 per month plan. But don’t underestimate Big Rock because is one of the biggest companies in the hosting field and serving millions of websites daily. With the best customer support it is one of the best hosting providers in the world. If you want to buy its cheap hosting, just click the button below.



So you just read the whole detail about what is a web hosting. I think this article was cleared your all doubts about web hosting and now you are ready to create your own stunning website. Best of luck with your new online business. and don’t forget to drop a comment about this article. I am just curious to know how this article helped you and what hosting plan you chose for your new website.

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