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Which Web Hosting Plan Should You Use For Your Website

Are you a blogger or want to start a blog? Do you have an offline business and want to create a shopping cart regarding your business? Whatever is your need you must have two ingredients “Web hosting plan and Domain name” to create your website.

Okay, I know purchasing a domain name is so simple. Just go to Namecheap or other popular domain registrar website and search for your desired domain.

Pay for the domain and the domain will be yours for the time chosen by you.

But, the main confusion creates in choosing a web hosting plan. There are many web hosting plans available in the market.

Types of Web Hosting Plan

So, which perfectly suits your needs. Confused?

Read this article until the end and you will never be confused about choosing your web hosting plan. I will give you the details of all the web hosting plans mentioned above.

Let’s begin,

Shared Linux Hosting

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Shared Linux hosting is the first shared hosting package introduced to webmasters by web hosting companies. In this package, your website is hosted in a Linux operating system based server.

You will be provided with a Linux Cpanel dashboard where you can manage your web hosting tools and features.

IN Cpanel you can use tools like File manager, email management, SSL management, Softaculous (Software installer) etc.

But you should have some technical knowledge to operate Linux Cpanel. Also, you should have some PHP and other programming knowledge to run your website perfectly. Bloggers can install WordPress via Softaculous in Cpanel.

This shared hosting is not recommended for newbie bloggers but I wanna tell you I have been using it for many years and happy with it. The main reason behind, I want a flexibility which Linux Cpanel gives.

As is very cheap web hosting package so if you are a technical guy and wanna start your business within a few dollars a month, you should choose this package.

Shared Windows Hosting

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Windows hosting is the same as Linux hosting, but the main difference between them is the operating system.

Shared windows hosting server uses Windows as a parent operating system. In windows hosting we have been provided a Cpanel too, but the UI of the windows Cpanel is slightly different than Linux Cpanel.

Windows Cpanel is easy to use than Linux Cpanel. The tools and features are mostly the same as Linux Cpanel though.

Again, this is not created for non-technical guys so I don’t recommend it to newbies.

If we see from the pricing point of view, it is also an affordable hosting package. With Windows shared hosting, you can run your website within a few dollars a month.

WordPress hosting


WordPress hosting packages are dedicated to WordPress CMS. It is the best hosting package for bloggers, especially for new bloggers. In WordPress hosting package you can install WordPress with one click.

The cool thing about WordPress hosting is you can use it without any technical knowledge of hosting etc.

Just buy this package, click on install WordPress button and done.

To know more about WordPress hosting I wanna refer you to my article

If we see the pricing, the price is slightly high then shared hosting plans. There are some other differences too. For the details, you can refer to my article

Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting: Which is Perfect for You?

VPS hosting


The full form of VPS is a virtual private server.  As from the name in this package you have been provided with a virtual private server with a dedicated IP address.

VPS hosting generally runs in the Linux operating system and the control panel is the same as shared hosting ie; Cpanel.

In VPS hosting you will get more computational resources which will never let your website down.

This hosting package is recommended for an established blog or website which is receiving more traffic and needs more hardware resources.

If you have a “big website or blog” you must use this type of web hosting plan. If you stick with WordPress hosting or shared hosting, there is a chance of downtime and crashes with your website.

The price of VPS hosting is very costly than shared or WordPress hosting. You have to invest a minimum $20 a month to own this type of hosting.

Dedicated hosting

self service web hosting mambuzz

All the features of VPS and dedicated hosting are the same.

So, what is the main difference between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting?

In dedicated web hosting package you will get a dedicated physical server for your website with dedicated IP address, but in VPS hosting there is server software installed and run simultaneously, which are considered as separate virtual web servers but use same system resources.

Every VPS plan owner will be provided with a separate virtual server.

In Dedicated web hosting plan, you have been provided a physical server and all the resources of the server are yours.

The main advantage of a dedicated hosting plan is your website will never be down or face any crashes because you have enough resources for your website.

Dedicated web hosting packages are for big websites which receive tons of traffic.

Obviously, the pricing is much high then other web hosting plans. You have to pay more minimum $200 a month to own this plan.


The web hosting package suitable for you really depends on your needs. We should start with shared or WordPress hosting and when our traffic grows we can migrate for VPS or dedicated hosting.

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and let others know the advantages and disadvantages of the hosting packages you are currently using. Share this post as sharing really encourage me to create new valuable contents.

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