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I know, most of you aware of the web address. So there is nothing to define here, “what is a web address“. If I shortly describe, the web address is an address of your company on the internet. Whenever somebody wants to know about your company or want to take your services, he simply types this address in his web browser’s address field and reaches your website.

But many of you probably don’t know, how to get domain name for your website and connect that domain with your purchased web hosting or Cpanel.

I know you too don’t know this procedure, otherwise, you never came to this page. Am I right? OK, now come to the topic.

As shown in the title of this article has two parts.

  1. How to get a web address(domain name).
  2. How to configure domain name with web hosting or Cpanel.

Update: A Web address or Domain name is the first impression of you and your company. It represents your work so you should choose your domain name wisely. There are two types of domain names. 

  1. Branded 
  2. Niche Based domain name

Read my article on choosing the best domain name.

Choose Best Domain Name TLD (11 Proven Tips)

And this article will guide you step by step on above 2 procedures.

Let’s Start…

How to get a web address or domain name


There is only one way to get your domain name. Buying it from a domain name provider.

There are tons of domain name providers on the internet but they all do not trustable. There are many reasons for this. If you don’t wisely choose your domain name provider then your website would suffer in long run.

I am recommending here two big and trusted domain name providers for your convenience. As well as the whole procedure on how to search for available domain names and book an awesome domain name for your awesome website.

The first domain name would like to recommend here is…


Namecheap is a giant in the domain name and web hosting industry. I know you have listened before about Namecheap. I recommend that here, because of their trustability and credibility. When you purchase a domain name with Namecheap, they really care about you. They have been in domain registration industry for many years. They have great customer support and guaranty for 99.99% uptime. Means your website will never be down.

If you want to check out the discounted rate in Namecheap, simply click here.


BigRock is the 2nd biggest name in domain name registration sites. they have also very good customer support as well as 99.99% guaranty. There .COM price starts at $5.99.

Wanna grab MamBuzz special discount coupon for BigRock? Click here to go to BigRock.com and use this coupon code in purchasing.


If you use this coupon, you will get 10% to 20% discount on all BigRock products.

Types Of Domain Name

Domain names are defined by there extensions. There are many types of extensions.

  • COM
  • INFO
  • GOV
  • EDU
  • NIC
  • NET
  • and many more…

But the most popular one is “.COM” Because COM is considered to the best domain extension for search engine optimization. Google generally prefer and rank COM domain before others ones. So from SEO point of view, I would recommend you to pick only COM domain. But if you have information website than you can choose .NET or .ORG too.

COM extension has one another advantage. If you want people to see your website in globally then only purchase COM domains. COM domain is a global domain. if anybody searches for your website topic from other countries then Google and other search engines serve COM domain first.

So buying a COM domain could be a wise decision if you want to gain global visitors.

If you want to know more about domain extensions you can check out this page.

Now let me show you the step by step guide on how to purchase a new domain name.


Go to your preferred domain name provider website. I am a Go Daddy user hence I will show you the examples for Go daddy. Although, with minor changes, all domain services have same procedure to register a new domain name.

Step 2

Search for your domain name in the search box if it is available or already taken by someone else.


Step 3

If your domain name is taken by someone else then you will get this result.


Or if your domain is available you simply get this result.


Step 4

Now just click on add to cart and go to cart. You will see this page. Click on no thanks and click the continue button. Although If you want privacy protection for your domain then you can purchase it also. Privacy protection is nobody can know about who is the owner of your domain. Generally, web developers collect the information from unprotected websites and force them to design a website with them. So if you don’t want disturbance then I recommend you to purchase privacy protection too.


After clicking on continue you will get this page.

get free-domain-name-registration

Now Create a new account with Godaddy. Fill all necessary details and choose the period of purchasing this domain name. You can purchase a domain name for maximum 10 years and minimum 1 year. If you choose 1 year then you have to renew your domain name before the expiration date. Go Daddy will inform you via mail about the domain expiry.

Now complete the transaction. After completion of the transaction, you will get a message that you are the owner of your awesome domain name.

Now you got the web address for your business, it’s time to configure your website hosting and domain to work together.

Here is another useful article about domain purchasing don’t forget to check out

How to configure domain name with web hosting or Cpanel

Now I will show you the step by step guide on how to configure your domain and web hosting to work together.

Step 1

Log in to your account in GoDaddy

Step 2

Go to my products as shown in the image


Step 3

Now you will get a window just like the image below. Click on DNS


Step 4

Now a window opens. Scroll down the window and come to DNS section where you have to fill your DNS or domain name server which you have received from your web hosting provider via email after purchasing web hosting.

Just click on Change.

NOTE: Don’t change DNS if you have already purchased the web hosting from GoDaddy. In this case, the default Name servers work. There is no need to change in DNS.


Step 5

Fill out the name servers received from your web hosting provider and hit the save button.

That’s it.

the best-web-hosting-providers

You are now configured the domain name to work with your web hosting. Although Go Daddy takes some time from 2 minutes to 4 hours to set up your name servers. Once configured, anyone can access your website, just type in your web address on the search bar of your web browser.

You can also check this page to know more about DNS or domain name system.


As the dependency of people on the internet is increasing every day, online presence is a must for every business person and also for a newbie. If you have no internet property than you are losing every day a vast marketing opportunity. So, in my opinion, you should create your own website today and attract more online visitors.

Just drop a comment, how this article helped you for creating your website. Your comments really motivate me to do my job.

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