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Thirsty Affiliates – Best Free Link Cloaking Plugin For WordPress [Full Setup Guide]

Affiliate marketing is the best way of monetizing your website but for doing it properly you should use some tools on your website or blog. Thirsty Affiliates is one of them.

It is a free affiliate link management plugin for WordPress. If you have a WordPress website or blog and you do affiliate marketing on your website, you must use Thirsty Affiliates.

Using thirsty affiliates you can rapidly increase your affiliate sales. You will learn the whole process of increasing your affiliate sales along with the setup guide of Thirsty Affiliates.

Now, let me tell you a short description of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing



It’s a very old concept. Sell a product of a company or person and get a commission on the sale. With time the presentation of affiliate marketing changed but the concept remained same.

today internet is the biggest influencer on a product sell. And hence each and every company started online affiliate networks to increase their product sell.

If you wanna be an affiliate marketer the process is very simple. Today many companies are running their affiliate marketing campaigns directly or via an affiliate network. You just have to register with your choice of an affiliate program and promote their given affiliate link on your website or other channels like social media etc.

When any person buys the product via your affiliate link you will be paid a commision by the company.

How Thirsty Affiliate Helps in Affiliate marketing

Affiliate links are ugly looking links which can decrease your click-through rate and ultimately affects selling. Original affiliate links look just like this.

When people look these type of links they feel like cheated(although buying through an affiliate link doesn’t cost any extra penny) and don’t want to click on them.

Thirsty affiliate clocks the ugly looking affiliate links and makes them attractive and high CTR links. See below.

You won’t believe, this simple plugin can increase your CTR to a large extent.

Thirsty Affiliates has few other useful features like Detailed CTR reports etc.

Let’s dig a little more and Setup your copy of Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin.

Thirsty Affiliate Setup Guide


Installation is same as other WordPress plugins. You can refer to my article How To Install WordPress Plugins: Step-By-Step Guide for in-depth plugin installation guide.

Assigning New Affiliate links

When the installation is finished, you can notice Thirsty Affiliates menu in your WordPress dashboard When you hover on this menu you will see the options shown below.

thirsty affiliates plugin

For assigning a new clocked link you have to click on New Affiliate link option. When you click on that you will get this window.

new affiliate link

  1. Here you have to put the affiliate link provided by the affiliate program.
  2. After putting your affiliate link you have to press the save button.
  3. Now page will be refreshed and you can see the clocked link in this area.
  4. Here you can scan your posts and pages where you have used your affiliate links.
  5. making your affiliate links no-follow is a wise decision as Google can penalize you using do-follow affiliate links. So, you can use this option to make your clocked link globally no-follow.

Existing Affiliate links

Now, there is another option called affiliate links where you can see and edit your existing affiliate links.

Link Categories

Just like posts you can also assign you links in categories. Thirsty Affiliates has an option to create and edit link categories. Link categories can help you to recognize your clocked links if you have a large inventory of affiliate links.

Link categories

Thirsty Affiliates Settings

Thirsty affiliates setting option is most important. let’s have look on this.

thirsty affliates settings

Here you get 5 options

  1. General settings
  2. Link appearance
  3. Modules
  4. Import/Export
  5. Help

General Settings

thirsty affliates general settings

Here you will find many options. Let’s have a look at these options.

Default link insertion type – here you can change the link type from link to the shortcode.

Disable “Uncategorized” category on save – Here you can enable/disable UNcetagories category in Link edit tool.

Disable buttons on the Visual editor – Thirsty affiliates give you a feature to directly assign affiliate links from the post editor window. You can disable this feature by clicking on this checkbox.

Disable buttons on the Text/Quicktags editor – Same as above but for the text editor.

Trim stats older than – You can limit the analytics data with this option.

Don’t cache 301 redirects? (server-side redirects), Disable IP address collection, Blocked bots – Keep them unchanged.

Link Appearance

link appearance

  1. You can change the prefix of your clocked links.
  2. You can enable/disable the link categories in the link URL.
  3. Enable Javascript Redirection.
  4. You can change the type of link redirection between temporary and permanent.
  5. Globel no-follow setting
  6. If you want to open your clocked links in a new window then select yes.
  7. It will pass all the query strings to the destination URL


This will turn off and on some modules of your plugin.


You can import and export your plugin settings via this option.


If you want some help you can use the help section.

Reports And Analytics

thirsty affiliates reports

You can use this option to analyze the clicks on your affiliate links. Reports can be viewed by yearly, monthly or daily.

Thirsty Affiliates gives you an option to view your link clicks individually. See the image below.

individual link

  1. Put the name of your clocked link like – Bluehost and if you have any link named Bluehost you will get a choice.
  2. Choose that and you will get a red line like in the image above. This line is the analytics of that individual link.

Thirst Affiliate Pro Features and Pricing

If you buy thirsty affiliates pro, you will get a number of extra features shown below.

thirsty affiliates pro

Thirsty Affiliates has three pro plans which depend on the site license. Plans vary between $49 to $149

Thirsty affiliates pricing

Try Thirsty Affiliates Now


I am using Thirsty affiliates for more than 2 years and it benefits me a lot in my affiliate campaigns. If it benefited me it can also benefit you. So try it and clock your ugly looking affiliate links to attractive high CTR links.

If you are already using Thirsty Affiliates, share your experience with this plugin in the comment section below to help other readers.

Keep sharing my articles as sharing keep me motivated to write more.


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