Submit URL to Search Engines – Ultimate Guide

If you have a new website up and running then the first step you should do for SEO is to Submit URL of your website in search engines. Every webmaster, either they have a small website or big website, submit website URL on search engines for organic traffic juice. 

But sometimes newbies who don’t know how to properly submit URL on search engines, make unforgivable mistakes on the way of submitting their website URL and then face lack of organic traffic. 

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In this article, I will describe the right way of submitting website URL to get most of the search engine traffic juice.

So, Let’s get started.

Why it’s important to submit URL to Search Engines? 

As there are many advantages to submitting the URL of any website but if we sum up all the factors we will get two main reasons behind.

SEO Factor

Today is the era of SEO battle. everyone in the online content marketing field wants there website on the first page of google. Nowadays SEO can make you or break you. Although, there are many factors which affect the SEO of a website including, keyword research, SEO optimized content, building backlinks and tons of more. 

But, submitting website URL is the very first step in your SEO building strategy.

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Submitting your URL on search engines mostly index your website within 24 hours and if your content is unique, properly optimized for search engines and also valuable you will experience a sudden traffic increase on your website. Search engines are the all-time most common traffic sources. And submitting URL to search engines bring your website on the front of tons of thirsty eyeballs seeking related information.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the eldest, common and reliable traffic source for websites. Every advertiser gives priority to organic traffic and websites who have already decent organic traffic will earn much by the targeted audience. Search engines give us organic traffic and this is the main reason why submit URL to search engines.

Organic traffic is the most targeted traffic, as people who are already seeking related information when land on your page, they tend to click on your ads and thus increase your CTR(click through rate). 

3 ways to submit URL to search engines

There are 3 ways to submit URL to search engines. We will discuss all the 3 options here.

#1 Direct Submission

The first option is to submit your website URL directly into the search engine. Although this option is the quicker and easier way to submit your web pages if we see it indexing point of view, it takes time to index. When we submit our URL directly through site-submit form, it sends a notification to search engine crawlers to crawl your site. 

Now as many other sites are in the queue crawler bots take some time to come to your web pages and crawl them. However, Google search engine takes less time than other search engines and generally index your site within hours.

To submit your site via this method follow this exact procedure which I also followed in my early web building days. As all the search engines have the same procedures I will take here an example of Google for submitting a site via direct submission

Just go to the following link

Submit Site to Google

You will have to give your site URL in the form and clear the captcha. Fill the form and hit the Submit Request button. Voila, your site is submitted to Google search engine, and if all is well your website will be indexed within hours on Google search.

Note: To check if your site is indexed or not type the following query in the Google search results.

If Google indexed your website, you have been returned your website pages as a search result. I advise you to check with this query after a few hours submitting your website.

You can also submit individual web pages with this method.

#2 Via a mediator

The second method is to submit your website via a mediator. 

Many people don’t know that search engine submission service has been a part of digital marketing and SEO business for many years. Many newbie peoples are not aware of the whole procedure of search engines submission.

Also, many other peoples exist on this earth who don’t want to give much effort on SEO and search engine marketing. They only focus on content making and for SEO they hire SEO professionals.

There are many SEO services who take care of your search engine submission procedure as part of their SEO service you hire.

But don’t worry you won’t have to spend pennies for any kind of SEO services because we will discuss here some websites who can automatically submit your sites on major search engines. And the good news is most of them are free.

Here is the list of 20 best websites where you can index your website on all search engine with just one click.


Note: Do not submit your website more than 1 submission website in a day. Search engines treat this as spamming and degrade your website if found any spam. Also, this method takes a lot of time to submit your website to search engines so keep calm and wait for the submission. This method generally takes 1 to 2 weeks for submission.

The procedure is simple. Just go to 1 of above website. You will have to fill a form regarding the information on your website. Some websites also an option to choose which search engine you have to submit your website.

Fill all the details and hit the submit button. Done. Your site is now in the cue and within 2 weeks it will be submitted on all search engines which the website supports.

#3 Using Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools)

Finally, we have reached the most important and valuable section of this article where we will learn the most prominent way of submitting a site to search engines.

This process is done via webmaster tools. Before learning this process you should know,

What is webmaster tools?

Big search engines provide a free service for the webmaster (site creators) to perfectly submit, monitor site performance and indexing etc. This service is webmaster tools. I would suggest you to signup for this service as it is very helpful service to monitor your site performance. In Google, this service is formally known as Google webmaster tools but now its name changed to Google search console.

Although all the search engines have the same process of Submit URL in their webmaster tools, I will take Google search console as an example.

Let’s begin, 

Step 1

Go to the following link and sign in with your Gmail ID.

Google Search Console 

Step 2

Click on Add a property Button.

Step 3

A dialogue box will open where have to fill the website address. If you have SSL secure site, fill this form with https either fill with HTTP only. Also, include www in the URL.

Step 4

Now you have redirected the new window where you have to verify your site. There are many options to verify your website with Google search console. But google recommends downloading an HTML file and uploading it to your public HTML folder in your Cpanel. I also recommend this method as I personally use this for verification.

Step 5

Upload File, clear the captcha in the Google search console window and hit the submit button. If everything is right you will have been prompted as successful verification.

Step 6

Now I would suggest you to all the versions of your website and set www version as the preferred version by going to the setting button on the upper right corner of Google webmasters window and clicking site settings in the options. 

Step 7

Now go to search console homepage where you have the list of all the 4 versions of your site and click on the preferred version. If you have SSL then you should go with https version and your site name version will be like as If you have non-SSL website then just go with HTTP. Click on the preferred version of your website.

Step 8

Now you are the settings page of your website where you have been given many webmaster settings to tweak your website as Webmaster console. We will discuss here only Site submission settings.

Step 9

Although, your website is already submitted through the process of verifying your website but to speed up the indexing and time to time following up crawling you have to submit your sitemap on Google search console.

Step 10

To create your sitemap go to the following link

Sitemap Generator

Submit your website, hit the submit button and wait for a minute. You have been prompted to download an XML file which is your sitemap. Download this file and upload it to your website’s root folder.

Step 11

Now go to Google search console settings page of your preferred version and click on the crawl in the left side menu. Now click on Sitemaps in the drop-down menu. On the right upper corner, you can see a red button written as Add/Test Sitemap. Click on this button. Write the filename of your sitemap in the form ie; sitemap.xml. 

And hit submit. Voila, your sitemap is submitted and Google will index your website within hours.

Step 12 (For WordPress Users)

Install Yoast SEO on your WordPress site and enable sitemaps in the feature section of this plugin now. Now click on this link to find the sitemap name of your website, shown in the following image.


Most probably named your sitemap as sitemap_index.xml

Copy this name and repeat step 10 and your sitemap is submitted. Using Yoast sitemap is useful in when you post new content because on every posting Yoast updates the sitemap and Google will be updated with your content.

Submitting your sitemap is useful when you update your content time to time. Google crawlers crawl your websites regularly with the help of your sitemap and better index it.

Bonus Tip

We have one more option for submitting our URL’s on Google. In crawl menu, we have an option called Fetch as google where you can submit URL of your website for immediately indexing of that URL. You can also use it for immediate results.

Final Words

We just learned 3 methods of URL submission on search engines. Tell me in the comments which method do you personally like to submit your websites.

If you ask me for my opinion I would recommend you to use the last one. Webmaster tools are the most effective way of Website and URL submission. Search engines designed this service for that purpose only and you will get the best results using the last method.

If you like my article on the proper ways to submit URL, share this article with your friends. Sharing really encourage me to write more valuable contents.

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