Best Image Optimizer Tool For WordPress: Short Pixel

In this blog post, I will tell you how I got rid of my slow website and make it lightning fast with ShortPixel Image Optimizer. Here you will read a short case study, a genuine review on ShortPixel Image optimizer and the setup guide.

My Story – How ShortPixel Image Optimizer improved my Website Performance

That was mid-2015 when I had started my blogging career. Genuinely saying I was zero in SEO practices that time. I didn’t even know how to optimize my posts. But with time and continuously reading articles on SEO I learned many SEO things which I was not applying in my blog posts and website.

Then one day I encountered a blog post where he described how the speed of your website affects your site’s overall SEO. He also wrote that images and javascript files are the slowest loading files. If we optimize them our website would perform better.

Then I thought I have to dig deeper. I read a lot on image optimizing and found image optimization is very important for a website as un-optimized images slow down your website.

You can refer to my article Increase WordPress website Speed [Step by Step Guide] for a better understanding of optimizing your website speed.

My website was built in WordPress so started to find some good plugins for image optimization. I found 2 good plugins.

  1. WP Smush It
  2. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

I bought the pro version of WP Smush It but never satisfied with its performance as it was not performing well. It was not compressing my images like I expected from a pro plugin. After 1st month I had dropped the subscription.

Then I thought to run my website without any image optimizer. After 2 months I was again realized that my website traffic is decreasing. Then I gave a last try with ShortPixel and subscribed for their package.

And the results were amazing. I would like to mention here that ShortPixel service is a bit costly as compared with the others but its worth. Now I was able to compress my images up to 80%.

I am now using this Image optimizer service with my all websites and now my websites are loading much faster.

So how will you install and run Shortpixel Image Optimizer plugin on your WordPress website?

Keep reading,

ShortPixel Setup Guide


As I told in my other article, the installation procedure of any plugin is the same in WordPress. For your convenience, I have already written an article on How To Install WordPress Plugins: Step-By-Step Guide.

You can read this article for WordPress plugin installation instructions.

ShortPixel Setup

When you installed and activated ShortPixel Image optimizer you will get this screen.

shortpixel setup

  1. Enter your Email address here.
  2. Check the checkbox accepting the terms and services.
  3.  Press the request key button.

When you press on the Request Key button you will be redirected to the ShortPixel official Signup page.

signup shortpixel image optimizer

  1. Your email Id already filled in this form.
  2. You have to tick the checkbox.
  3. Press the signup button.

Now you will get the API key. And don’t forget to confirm your email. ShortPixel sends you a confirmation email on signup. You must confirm your email ID to enjoy their services.

shortpixel apikey

Go back to your WordPress dashboard and find the Shortpixel Setting Menu in WordPress Settings tab.

wordpress setting image optimizer

Press the ShortPixel menu and the Previous ShortPixel window opens in your WordPress dashboard.

ShortPixel API Key

  1. Put the API key you get from ShrotPixel.
  2. Press on Validate.

Now You ShortPixel Account is connected with Your WordPress website and the settings of ShortPixel image optimizer is now opened in front of you.

image optimizer setting

As you can see in the above image, there are three compression types available in ShortPixel. You can choose one of them. I use glossy compression format which compresses images but without losing the quality a much.

Keep other options intact and press the save changes button.

You can also optimize the images which are uploaded before you installed ShortPixel. Just scroll down in general tab and you will see a button “Save and go to Bulk Process”. Press the button and you will be redirected to this window.

optimize image

Press the Start Optimizing button and optimization process will be started.

image optimization

ShortPixel Pro Pricing

Though the basic version of this image optimization tool is free you can only optimize 100 images a month with their basic version. If you have a shopping cart or other image related website you must upgrade to pro version.

There are three types of pricing plan of ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin.

Monthly Plans

shortpixel plan 1

I am currently using the Short plan which gives me 5,000 image compressions every month. This plan is enough for my 6 websites which I am currently running. The pricing is just $4.99 a month which is awesome pricing for small website owners.

I have already mentioned ShortPixel in my Resources Page. Though you can try this now by just pressing the button below.

Try ShortPixel


One Time Plans

shortpixel plan 2

They also offer one time plans which are great for image hosting websites or photography portfolio websites. You can check out these plans if you have these type of websites. These plans are also useful for them who don’t want to go for recurring monthly fees.

Dedicated Server Plans

shortpixel plan 3

They also offer dedicated servers where you can host more than 16 million images which is I think great for big image hosting websites like Shutterstock etc.


I have been using ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin for more than 3 years and my websites are ranked well with this great plugin. I know the free plan is not enough which gives us only 100 image compression/month but if you want something good you have to pay for that. Though the Short Monthly plan is enough for a small webmaster.

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