Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting: Which is Perfect for You?

The world of internet is based on web hosting servers. Whether it’s shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting WordPress hosting or self-hosted servers, all the game begins with the hosting servers. Without web hosting, the dream of the internet didn’t come true. If you are a webmaster you can easily imagine the importance of servers. All the data exists on that virtual world of internet, stored in hosting servers. 

Websites and other online services are now an essential part of our life. Without these things, we cannot go a step further today. As the importance of websites increased, the process of creation and maintenance of them became easier too. Many easy to use tools invented with time to make it easy to create and maintain a website.

Gone those days when we must be had to know programming to create a website. Today many CMS(Content management system) and website builders are available in the market. With their simple drag and drop feature, you can easily create your websites and online services.

And, if you ask me the best tool to create a website I would always suggest you “WordPress”. Today 30.6% of the websites in the world running with the power of WordPress. I love the simplicity of WordPress and run my all websites and blogs on that.

The impact of WordPress is as huge as many web hosting companies are now offering dedicated WordPress Hosting packages.

I personally use Bluehost as my hosting provider because it has dedicated WordPress hosting packages with 1 click install service. With Bluehost’s WordPress Hosting, I don’t have to worry about my web hosting and other backend works and can only concentrate on producing quality contents for my readers. 

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers and the cool thing is it has affordable plans for newbie bloggers and website creators. It also provides a free domain and SSL certificate for the 1st year of web hosting.

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Today We are going to compare Shared hosting Vs Dedicated WordPress Hosting packages. After reading this article you can easily decide which one will better suit your needs.

So, Let’s begin.

Shared Hosting 


If you have read my previous posts on web hosting you already aware of shared hosting.

I have already published 2 articles on shared hosting. You can read these article for more information on shared and other hosting services.

Shared hosting is a most common hosting package offered by every 2nd web hosting company. In shared hosting your website hosts on a shared server with thousands of other websites. Although there are many advantages of shared hosting packages and I personally used it for many years to host my websites. But it has some limitations too.

I will thoroughly define those advantages and disadvantages below but before I want to provide you with some more details of shared hosting.

Definition of Shared Hosting 

According to Wikipedia the definition of shared hosting is,

The service must include system administration since it is shared by many users; this is a benefit for users who do not want to deal with it, but a hindrance to power users who want more control. Shared hosting is cheaper than other types of hosting such as dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting usually has usage limits and hosting providers should have extensive reliability features in place.

The definition of shared hosting as from Techopedia blog is just like that,

Shared hosting is a type of Web hosting service that allows multiple websites to share a physical Web server and its resources among the hosted websites. Shared hosting logically distributes a Web server to accommodate, serve and operate more than one website.

Now you exactly know what a shared hosting is, its time to throw some light on the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting.

Shared Hosting Advantages


As I told above, shared hosting is much affordable than other types of hosting packages which is a good deal if you are a new blogger or a webmaster. Where other hosting packages start from $20 a month, you can buy shared hosting packages within $3 a month. Bluehost offers their shared hosting packages from $2.95 which I think is within your budget if you are new to Blogging or website. Check out Bluehost shared hosting packages


Shared hosting is equipped with Cpanel which is highly customizable Panel and provides us with many useful tools from the file manager to SSL certificate installer. Cpanel has a tool called Softaculous which is home to more than 300 CMS and other web creation software. It can help you to create a website with fully customizable options. You can choose the software which suits your needs and install the software on your web hosting server easily.

If you are a little tech-friendly guy and don’t wanna depend on WordPress then you should choose Shared hosting packages for better customizations.

Disc Space and Bandwidth

Generally, web hosting companies provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth with shared hosting packages. Though it is helpful for an average website if your website has a huge traffic, you must upgrade your web hosting package to VPS hosting. The one big problem with shared hosting is, it has limited hardware resources such as CPU speed and RAM and all the websites on the shared server use the same resources. So if any of the websites receive high traffic, its chance of server crash and downtime for all the websites hosted on that server.

Better For Advance Webmasters

As Cpanel is a bit technical it is best for advanced level webmasters. If you wanna create an advanced website with various types of CMS and other web creation apps you can sure go to shared hosting packages. The best thing about shared hosting is it provides you with a very flexible environment to create and run a website. 

When I was new to web design and blogging I experimented a lot with Cpanel tools and gradually increased my education level of web creation, SEO and other basics of websites. If you are an experiment-to-learn person then Cpanel definitely help you a lot to learn the basics of web development.

In the old days when there was no Content management software exists, Cpanel was only the tool to create and run websites. Even today shared hosting is used only for the Cpanel.

Shared Hosting Disadvantages

Not For Newbies and Non-technical Bloggers

If you are a new non-technical blogger like a travel blogger or fashion blogger with not much knowledge of web hosting then shared hosting is not for you. Instead, you should go with dedicated WordPress hosting as it has 1 click install features.

The backbone of shared hosting and VPS hosting is Cpanel and as I clearly said its not for everyone. It has some tools and functions which if you touched without advance knowledge your website could be in trouble. Though shared hosting is a flexible service which you can use for any application it demands you the technical knowledge of web hosting.

If you want to use shared hosting you should gain proper knowledge of Cpanel before starting up. On the other hand, if your needs are limited to blogging etc then you should go with WordPress hosting.

Unlike WordPress hosting, it’s not optimized for a specific App or CMS

A good example of a web hosting service optimized for a specific App or CMS is Shopify offers only services related to shopping websites. You can easily Sign up and create your shopping website with their template based website builder. The second example is Bluehost’s dedicated WordPress hosting where you can install WordPress CMS with 1 click install.

But, shared hosting is not optimized for any particular App or CMS. You have to use Softaculous to install the CMS and Apps on the server. Then you have to configure that CMS with your needs. All the process is manual. To use Cpanel you should have some prior programming knowledge.

Not as much Faster as WordPress Optimized Hosting

As shared hosting is not optimized for WordPress or any other CMS it is not as faster as dedicated WordPress hosting. Though, if you have some technical knowledge on Cpanel, you can use its file compression and CDN tools to improve page loading time. In WordPress hosting all these things are preconfigured so you don’t have to be bothered these things.

WordPress Hosting


In 2003 when the 1st version of WordPress launched no one knew that it will be the backbone of 30.6% of the websites running in 2018. WordPress launched as an open source content management software created in PHP and MySQL database language which you have to install on a local or remote server and configure for your needs.

Initially, WordPress was just a blogging platform but with time gained popularity for its flexible nature. With time tons of plugins and themes launched for WordPress and transformed this blogging platform to the most powerful content management software.

In past, I used Joomla, Drupal, and other popular CMS for my websites, but WordPress possesses a something extra which attracted me to this CMS and forced me to migrate my websites to WordPress. And that something extra is its simplicity.

Anybody, including newbies who want to make their career in blogging but don’t know how to create a website and publish their blogs, can use it easily without any programming language. Only they have to learn the WordPress Documentation properly. If you wanna further information on WordPress You must subscribe to my blog. My blog is dedicated to Web hosting techniques, WordPress and SEO basics.

Definition of WordPress Hosting

According to Wikipedia, the definition of WordPress is,

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL To function, WordPress has to be installed on a web server, which would either be part of an Internet hosting service or a network host in its own right.

WordPress Hosting Advantages

Optimized for WordPress

As from the name it is clear that WordPress hosting is a dedicated hosting for WordPress. It is optimized for WordPress CMS and like 1 click install, gzip compression for faster loading, and other preconfigured plugins. As well as the .htaccess file on the server is also optimized for WordPress and you don’t have to rewrite it. Just install WordPress, configure with plugins and themes and publish your articles.

Bandwidth counts on views not on data consumed

The 2nd advantage of WordPress hosting is its bandwidth counts on views not on data consumed like shared hosting. The best thing about WordPress view count is you can serve big files too without worrying about any data consumption problem. Though unlike shared hosting, the disc space is limited and you have to pay high rent for a bigger server space.

Fast Loading

WordPress hosting packages are quite faster than basic shared hosting plans. All the necessary server-side and site level optimizations like CDN, Gzip compression and minification etc are already done by the web hosting company. So you don’t have to configure them again. The 2nd reason for fast loading is all the websites on the server use only WordPress. Server resources are not used by other types of CMS and Apps and hence the server saves some more resource. As a result, the speed of the server is more compared to the traditional shared hosting servers.

No Configuration Required 

Apart from traditional shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting is preconfigured and no extra configuration is needed to run your website or blog. In shared hosting plans, you have to configure all the hosting related configurations yourself but WordPress hosting is specially created for non-technical bloggers so all the configurations are done by hosting company.

1-Click Install

WordPress hosting plans specially Bluehost have 1 click install feature. All you have to do is to create an account with the web hosting company and press the install button. Pressing the install button make you ‘all set’ to write your 1st blog.

Especially For New Bloggers and Website Owners

The easy to use features of WordPress hosting make it ideal for new bloggers and non-technical website owners. You can concentrate on content creating and leave all the tension to the hosting company.

WordPress Hosting Disadvantages

Not as affordable as Shared Hosting

The “more service charge you more” word also applies to WordPress dedicated hosting. If you want 1 click install, leave your hosting tensions to your web hosting company obviously you have to pay more. Generally, WordPress hosting costs $7.99 to $30 a month. 

You have to Stuck with WordPress CMS

Another downside of WordPress hosting is you have to stuck with only one CMS – WordPress. However, thanks to the 40,000+ plugins making WordPress the most customizable CMS. But it is a reality that you are not free to fly more with that.

Ideal for WordPress users but not for other types of websites

If you are a WordPress user you use that for better results but what about others? If you wanna develop your site in Drupal or Joomla then you must change your web hosting plan.

Comparison Chart- Shared Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting 

Costing Affordable Slightly Costly
Flexibility Highly Flexible Not much Flexible
Security Less Secure Compared to the Shared hosting More Secure
Resource usage Unlimited* (Weak resources) Limited (More resources)
Performance Low High
Maintenance & dependency Fully maintained by Hosting Companies  Partially maintained by Hosting Companies

Which Hosting Type Best Suites You

My answer is it depends on your needs and your experience as a webmaster. If you want to only concentrate on content creation and promotion and your needs can be fulfilled with WordPress you should definitely go with dedicated WordPress hosting but if you are a pro webmaster a tech-friendly guy you should choose Shared hosting.

In the end, I would expect you to share this comparison of Shared hosting and WordPress hosting as sharing encourages me to create more useful content for my readers. 

Comment below if you have ant past about your experiences of shared hosting and WordPress hosting. Your comment will guide other commenters a lot.

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