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Shared hosting Vs VPS hosting: Which is Best For You?

Before diving into the detailed comparison of Shared hosting and VPS hosting you should know about the basics of web hosting. To provide the maximum details on the must-have ingredients of a website – “Web hosting and Domain name“, here, I refer you to read my these two articles,

As I said above, Domain name and Web hosting are the 2 must-have ingredients of a website. Without These 2 services, nobody can run a live website. Domain name is just like a house address through which anyone from the edge of the world can reach you within a second.

Similarly, Web hosting is your house where you live. The data and interface of a website which you want to serve to your users are stored in a place called Server. The service including space on the server and the processes need to run your website is called “Web hosting“. You have to buy those services from web hosting companies.

Once your website is uploaded and configured on the server, anybody can reach your website by simply using your website’s domain name. 

Shared Hosting 

Depending on the needs of a website, there are many types of Web hosting plans are there. ie; Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated server hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting etc. But the most popular hosting plan is no doubt Shared hosting plan because of its simplicity, flexibility and affordable price range.

The term “shared” came from the type of hosting where many websites hosted on the same server. It is just like flats in an apartment. People live in an apartment have to share the amenities provided by the society. Just like that, in shared hosting, every website hosted on the server has to share the server resources like memory, disc space, and processor usage.

In the shared hosting plan, you have been provided with a Cpanel area which is a place from where you can control the functionalities of your website. Cpanel provides you many useful features like file uploading, email address, CMS installation and many more.

Today, 80% of websites in the world are running in the shared hosting plans. The main reason behind its popularity is its affordable price. Anyone who can afford a few dollars in a month can run his blog or website with the shared hosting plan. Especially for newbies, it is a great deal to start with shared hosting. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting which I point out here for you. Let’s have a look on them.

Shared Hosting Advantages


Shared hosting is a most affordable form of web hosting which gives us the ability to start a website with minimum cost. Even if you afford a few bucks in a month, you can start your website or blog with no time. The average cost for shared hosting plan is between $2 to $19 per month.

Easily configurable

Although, along with other neighbor websites, you are using the shared resources of servers you have been provided with a Cpanel to configure all the features and services of your web hosting plan. Cpanel has an easy to use interface from where you can use many features like uploading your website’s files without the help of FTP client, creating databases, email accounts, installing SSL certificates and CMS software etc.

Better Convenience

You don’t have to bother about the server maintenance, server Software updates, electricity etc. With a reliable shared hosting plan your website is on the hand of highly professionals and skilled experts. As they take all the loads of your website maintenance you can only focus on your website content and progress which is quite better for a newbie webmaster.

Disc space and Bandwidth

Nowadays, many web hosting services offer unlimited disc space and bandwidth. This would be helpful for the new websites who have the ability to get more traffic in the starting period.

Shared Hosting Disadvantages

Server crash problem

As you know all the websites on a shared hosting server use the same resources so whenever one of these websites receives a large amount of traffic due to occasional visits or DDoS attack etc, then the chance is, the server will crash. And when a shared server crashes, all the websites hosted on the server face downtime, which is not a good signal for user experience and SEO point of view.

Limited Performance

Even if the server doesn’t crash by the sudden increase in traffic of a website hosted on your web hosting server, the other websites will face the page loading issues. The performance of the server depends on the traffic. Higher traffic means poor performance. And, in a shared hosting server, poor performance due to higher traffic is a common thing.

Lack of Security

With a large number of websites hosted on your server, you could face the security issue. The access to the “htaccess” and other sensitive files of a server can increase all kind of chaos. All the webmasters have the access to the sensitive files of the server. And if one of them want to, he can steal the data easily, though. Today reliable shared hosting providers take care of those kinds of issues.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting or virtual private server is an advanced type of shared hosting. In VPS hosting the server is shared with only a few webmasters so the load on the server is not as much as shared hosting. 

It is like a bungalow where you will get more privacy and independence but even you have to share some amenities with the neighbors. 

You will get more control on your server with the advanced Cpanel. VPS server allows you the room to breathe more easily. You can customize your dedicated Cpanel for your own needs. You are able to use more resources of the server like CPU usage, memory and disc space with VPS hosting.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a VPS hosting.

VPS Hosting Advantages


VPS server allows more room to the webmaster as it is much more flexible than shared hosting. You can use additional web applications with your VPS server, all VPS user has their own operating system and many other independent features. In one word, you can customize your VPS server with your own needs.

More Secure

As there are not many webmasters on one server, your files are safer than shared hosting. In shared hosting, the loss of sensitive data is a big security issue. In shared hosting, every webmaster in your server has the access to the sensitive files like htaccess etc. Anyone who has the access to your server can steal your data easily with some programming knowledge.

Apart from shared hosting, there are much fewer webmasters in your VPS server. So the data is much secure in VPS hosting.

High Performance

As there are only a few webmasters in one VPS server the performance of the server is much higher than shared hosting server. The crashes and downtime of websites are negligible in VPS hosting. Every website hosted on the server has more RAM and CPU power so the website can handle a sudden high traffic and never crash.

User experience and SEO success largely depend on the page loading time of the website. Site loading time in VPS hosting is much less than shared hosting.

VPS Hosting Disadvantages

High Cost

More flexibility charges you more cost and it is also true with VPS hosting. Apart from the shared hosting plans, VPS plans are much more costly. You have to pay from $19.99 to $199 per month for VPS plans. And why not, you are getting a Private server( Bungalow)  instead of a shared apartment.

Self Dependency

VPS servers are generally managed by the webmasters independently. If the webmaster failed to manage all the software like CMS, Blogs, Forums, Chat software etc then there will be a big problem.

Still Lac of resources

You already knew that VPS hosting the server still used by many other webmasters so you cannot use the full amount of RAM and CPU. Apart from shared hosting, VPS plans have limited RAM, CPU usage, and disc space. In shared hosting plans, you will get unlimited bandwidth, and disc space but in VPS hosting the resources are limited. As more you pay for as more resources you get.

Comparison Chart- Shared Hosting Vs VPS Hosting 

Shared Hosting VPS Hosting
Plan Cost Affordable Costly
Flexibility Not Much Flexible Highly Flexible
Security Less Secure More Secure
Resource Usage Unlimited* (Weak resources) Limited but more strong resources
Performance Low High
Maintenance & dependency Maintained by Hosting Companies Most features maintained by the Website owner

Which Hosting Type Best Suites You

Its all depends on your needs. If you wanna start a new website then your website is not going to get much traffic in its initial period. So you should choose a shared hosting plan for your new website. For new websites shared hosting is a better choice because you don’t know how the website will grow. Probably you are confused about your website growth when starting up a new website. And the impact, you don’t wanna invest a lot on your new website.

If this is your intention then sure go with shared hosting plans.

But in my suggestion, always choose unlimited packages instead of limited plans. Limited plans are not helpful for any website. Imagine if one day you will get a sudden increase in traffic then the limited bandwidth won’t save your website from crashing.

On the other hand, if you are running a website for a while and receiving a decent traffic then the best decision is to change your web hosting plan with VPS hosting. 

Also, if you wanna create a website with a lot of features like chatting, forums, communities, blogs and other software related to user-generated contents then you must go with VPS server.


So, I think you got a good information about Shared hosting and VPS hosting, its time to share this information with your friends on social media. Sharing encourages me to create more valuable contents.

And at the last, if you have any suggestions and questions on Shared hosting and VPS hosting comment below.

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