SEMRush review

SEMRush Review: Best Keyword Research & SEO Tool [Rank On Google Now]

Do you really need such as the Competitor analysis and SEO tool – SEMRush? I think “Yes”.

Either we are a big company or a small one, we must know, what our competitors are doing to grow their business – Competitor Analysis.

We must know how to bring our business in front of the eyeballs of our customers so that they can buy our products – SEO.

We also must know how to do branding of our company to grow it like a beast. We should have a systematic game plan, a step by step growth strategy to build a successful business.

In other words, we must know swimming, before going to dive into the ocean. Should we? No – we should have a big ship (SEMRush) before diving into the ocean.

I know, you have a question in your mind that there are many other competitor analysis and SEO tools available in the market then why SEMRush?

Here is the Comparison chart by I hope this chart will give you your answer.

semrush comparison

And If you are not satisfied with the above chart, this article will give you all your answer and clear your doubts on SEMRush.

In this article, you will get detailed information on the core features of SEMRush, Advantages, and disadvantages of SEMRush and the comparison between SEMRush and other SEO Tools. This article will help you to decide whether you go for SEMRush or not.

And at the end of this article, I know you will definitely try this great SEO tool. Though, if you wanna try this tool now then here is the link,


SEMRush 14-Days Trial


By the way, before dive into, I would like to give you some basic knowledge of Competitor analysis and Keyword Research.

What is Competitor Analysis

Many people say success is a by-product of hard work. Is it true?

No, every entrepreneur who got success in life, aware of the secret that this “saying” is not true. They follow the 2nd rule which is,

Smart work is the key to success. They do smart work in their life and get success. If hard work could make someone successful then a daily-worker would also be rich.

And Competitor Analysis is a part of your smart work on the way to success. Without Competitor analysis, without spying on the strategy of your competitors, you can’t be successful. Take a history book and you will get all the examples of competitor analysis. Every kingdom in the history spied their enemies before starting the battle.

From your history book, now you know, without spying your competitors if we dive into the “battle(your start-up)“, we will definitely be dominated by our already established competitors.

So what to do?

On the process of dominating the kingdom of an established business, you should, no, you must spy their every move. And in this case, the best weapon for you is SEMRush-the best competitor analysis tool in the world.

With this tool, you can thoroughly analyze the key points behind the success of your competitor’s websites, and apply those points to your online business to get a quick success.

What is Keyword Research

Google or any search engine reacts on keywords.

Keywords are the words or phrases entered by the user into the search bar when they search for their needs. The algorithm of a search engine is designed to recognize the web pages related to keywords and show them on the results page according to their “authority”. Means, the web pages which have more authority appears on the top in results rather than other low authority web pages.

The authority of a website depends on few important factors-

  • Main Keyword and LSI keywords used in on page SEO.
  • Backlinks or inbound links to the web page
  • The Social Signals the web page receives
  • Domain Age etc

We divide SEO into two parts. ie;

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

Backlinks, Social signals etc are part of off-page SEO and Keyword is a part of on-page SEO.

See the chart below

In this graph, you can see that Keywords play an important role in SEO.

Now think, if we already know which keywords are popular related to our topic?

As well as, if we know which keywords are more competitive and which are less competitive?

Keyword research is a process which can help us to choose popular and less competitive keywords related to our topic or niche. To access our keywords can use many free and premium online keyword research tools like Google keyword planner, SEMRush, Longtail Pro, Uber suggest etc.

Google Keyword planner and Ubersuggest are free tools and SEMRush and Longtail Pro are premium tools.

Now you are thinking if free tools are available for keyword research then why go for a premium one?

Here is the answer,

With free tools, you don’t get real-time results, but in premium tools, like SEMRush you get real-time keyword popularity and competition report. I think you know very well the importance of real-time analysis in a business.

now let’s have a look at the tools provided by SEMRush.

SEMRush SEO Tools & Reports

SEMRush divided their SEO tools into three categories-

  1. Web analytics reports
  2. SEO Tools
  3. SEO Projects (Global campaign management)

Web Analytics Reports

Analytical data is an important weapon for competitor analysis. With SEMRush web analytics reports you can easily compare your site performance with your competitor websites. In SEMRush dashboard, analyzing any website is very easy. Just put the domain name in the search field in the dashboard and hit enter.

semrush search

Within a couple of seconds, you will get all the analytical data of your entered domain.

domain overview

Though, we can also get the reports individually. Let’s see the how.

Organic Research

Organic research gives you the search engine related analytical reports, like organic search traffic, ranking keywords and search position etc.

In the search bar click on the drop-down menu and select organic search, enter your competitor’s domain name and press enter.

organic research

Here I have highlighted the main functions of organic research.

  1. Here you have to choose organic research option put the domain name and press enter.
  2. It’s all time organic search traffic (search engine traffic) report for the domain. You can analyze the organic traffic growth of a domain.
  3. Here you can see the top keywords for which the domain is ranking in search engines.
  4. SEMRush provides us with some other options like Position change report, Top competitors of the website, Page-wise traffic report, and also subdomain and URL wise traffic report.

And do you know? Organic research is the best feature of SEMRush and I personally like it.

Advertising Research

Many companies use paid advertising campaigns to get top position in organic results as well as for better user-to-buyer conversions. So, how would you know which keywords your competitors are buying to show their advertisements?

Don’t worry, now with SEMRush advertising research, you can research the ad campaigns which your companies are running on the internet and also you know the keywords for which your competitors are bidding.

See below,

semrush advertising research

  1. Just like organic research select advertising research in the drop-down and you will get a result like an image above.
  2. Here you will get the traffic report via advertising campaigns run by the competitor over time. The report is divided into two parts traffic cost and keywords. We can utilize this feature to get the low price and high traffic keywords in your niche.
  3. You will also get the search position of the paid keywords which is quite helpful for choosing best-paid keywords for your campaign.
  4. You can also filter the Advertising research feature with some other options like Position changes, Top competitors, ad copies, ad history, subdomain etc.

This feature is quite useful for those who wanna run ad campaigns for their business. Afterall you don’t wanna lose your money on low conversion keywords. I refer you to use this tool as a part of your ad campaign planning.

Display Advertising

The other useful tool you can use to plan your ad campaign is Display advertising feature.

There are many useful options in SEMRush’s display adverting features like ad trends, display ads by countries, display ads by device, advertisement types, publishers and sample media ads.

See the images below.

display advertising

Display advertising tool reveals the ad types and formats which your competitor use in their ad campaigns.

Also, which ads are most popular on mobile devices, which ad banners are most popular, every step your competitor take in display advertising you can spy on that.

You can easily plan and make an affordable budget for your ad marketing campaign around the best performing ad formats.

Such a great tool by SEMRush.


Backlinks are the very first ingredient of a proper SEO. However, today the quality of backlink matters a lot instead of the number of backlinks.

Even 1 backlink from High PR website beats 100’s of low-quality backlinks. So, today backlink analysis of your competitor is must to rank in google. You should know your competitors “quality inbound links” so you can approach the websites who gave them the links.

In SEMRush you can easily analyze the backlink profile of your competitor.

See how

backlinks semrush

  1. Select backlinks from the drop-down menu, enter domain and press enter.
  2. There are 7 options in backlink section – Overview, Backlinks, Anchor texts, Referring domains, Referring IPs, Indexed pages and Competitors.
  3. You can download the report in PDF format for reference.
  4. You can add more competitors and for comparison.

Here is another image where you can see the backlink profile of the domain.

semrush backlink

You can utilize the backlink profile of your competitors to create a quality backlink profile of your own.

Keyword Analytics

For keyword research, SEMRush provides an option called “Keyword analytics” where you will get all useful tools related to keyword analysis.

See the image below.

keyword research

  1. Select the Keyword overview, type your preferred keyword and hit enter.
  2. You will get the results divided into 4 sections – Overview, Phrase match, Related keywords, Ads History.

I like the related keywords option as it will give provide the popular related keywords on your topic, which you can use to optimize your on-page SEO. Related keywords are very useful because if we use top keywords in our posts we never rank on google. We need low competition keywords and high search volume keywords.

With SEMRush keyword analytics you get exact search volume of the keyword, Difficulty level, CPC, trends and many more results which will really helpful in choosing best performing keywords.

Remember, keyword research is the 1st step of SEO. If you don’t do proper keyword research you will never rank in search engines.

SEO Tools

SEMRush has some extra SEO tools which can be very useful in your journey of digital marketing.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty is a tool to check the difficulty level of a keyword. If you wanna check the difficulty level of a keyword exclusively then you can use this tool. In the image below you can see the difficulty level of the keyword “SEO”.

keyword difficulty

Domain vs. Domain

In Domain vs domain tool, you can side-by-side compare up to 5 domain in the same time. The comparison is divided into three parts –

  • Organic keywords based
  • Paid Keyword based
  • PLA Keywords based

The tool is very simple to use. just put your 5 domains in the fields and press Go button. It will take 5 to 10 seconds to generate the reports and you will get a keyword list with their position related to the domains. See the image below.

domain vs domain


Chart tool is also a side by side domain comparison tool where you can compare up to 5 domain. In this tool, you will get the current position of the domains divided into several categories such as total keywords used by the domain, traffic, traffic price, new keywords etc. This image will guide you on this.

chart tool

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword magic tool is a new tool added by SEMRush team on the dashboard. Though it is still in the beta testing version I used it and find it is very useful for keyword search. You have to enter your main keyword into the search box and you will be served by many related keywords.

The best thing I really liked is you can search the keywords by the category of your website. Means if you have a bog website then you can search the keywords related to blogs. Similarly, if you have a shopping website you can search with a shopping option. There are many website categories to choose from.

This is very useful as categorized keywords are really helpful for proper SEO.

The only problem I faced it’s not working properly this is I think due to its Beta testing version but once the original version will be released it could be very helpful in searching of keywords.

SEO Projects (Global Campaign)

In SEMRush you can create global campaigns for your projects which is very useful for time to time monitoring your website’s performance. For better growth plan you should have a tool like SEMRush’s SEO Projects.

There are many tools available for creating and managing your global campaigns.

To use these tools you have to create a project entering your domain name and some other information like project name, location etc.

Position Tracking

Position tracking is a feature which tells you your current position in the location you choose. Tracking your position is very important for making future strategies of your business.

Site Audit

Site audit gives you some other useful reports like

  • brief site overview
  • Crawlability report
  • Implementation of HTTPS
  • Usage of HrefLang tool for foreign languages
  • Statistics
  • Progress tracking etc.

site audit

Social Media Tracker

Social media plays an important role in the growth of your business. You can track your social media performance with this tool.

social media tracker

  • Watch your competitors on social media
  • Identify your top performing content on social media
  • And also Benchmark your social media performance
Social Media Poster

SEMRush has a very useful tool-Social media poster, which can be used as your social media campaign. Now you can schedule and post to several social media by SEMRush social media poster. Using social media poster can save a lot of time of promoting your business on social media.

social media poster

Brand Monitoring

You can now monitor your brand value with this tool. Just put your domain name and main keyword in the desired field and

  • Benchmark your brand’s performance against competitors
  • Find new distribution channels for your content
  • Gain valuable customer insights

brand monitoring

On Page SEO Checker

In the Pie chart, I have provided in this article you can see 15.04% SEO depends on on-page optimizations so you can’t neglect this at all.

Thanks to SEMRush, now you can check your on-page SEO performance and get recommendations to bring your websites on the top positions. You already know how on-page SEO affects the overall ranking of a web page.

Backlink Audit Tool

Again from the Pie chart, you know that 22.37% SEO success depends on the quality backlink profile. I repeat- Quality matters not quantity. If you receive a bad backlink your site would be degraded in search engine ranking.

So you should use SEMRsuh backlink audit tool to recognize and Dis-vow bad backlinks and maintain a clean backlink profile for your website.

Organic Traffic Insights

Organic traffic insights give a clear vision of keyword level organic traffic you receive over time. With this tool, you can analyze keyword level traffic, improve your SEO strategy, export your keywords in excel formats etc.

Content Analyzer

This is a very useful feature for blogs and other rich content based websites. You should be aware of the content you create on your websites. After Hummingbird algorithm update google officially announces that they focus on content over other SEO strategies.

So, you should have an SEO optimized content in your website. SEMRush content analyzer tool can help you in this matter. You can now analyze and optimize your website content for users and search engines and save your seat on the top of the search.

PPC Keyword Tool

PPC Keyword tool is a keyword choosing tool for your ad campaigns.

It has many features like

  • Collect keywords
  • Manage and optimize (Filter out irrelevant keywords)
  • Clean Keywords
  • Create Keyword groups
  • remove conflicting keywords
  • Export directly to AdWords

Advantages Of SEMRush

Over 30+ Tools

SEMRush is equipped with 30+ SEO and competitor analysis tools. With these tools, we can analyze website and keywords from all angles and take proper action to rank in search engines, social channels, and paid search.

These 30+ tools are the main strength of SEMRush as no other SEO analytics service is equipped with tools like these.

Thorough Research

If you are an SEO specialist then SEMRush is made for you. Actually, SEMRush gives us a thorough analysis of a project which is quite useful for SEO specialists and SEO service companies.

If you are familiar with the terms of SEO then you can easily use SEMRush to grow your business like a beast.

Spy your competitors

The cool feature of SEMRush is you can spy your competitors. This theory is in use from the centuries when kingdoms spy their enemies. Today this process is applied to spy our competitors. Even big companies spy on their competitors too.

If you wanna get success in your business you have to spy your competitors that how they achieved success in their fields? What process do they apply to grow? And after that, you should follow the same process even a better process to grow fast.

SEMRush provides us with the opportunity to spy on our competitors thoroughly which is I think very useful to grow our business.

Create your projects

The third advantage of SEMRush is you can create your own project and keep your eye on the growth of your project. In the project section, you get 10+ tools for time to time to analyze your projects.

Systematic project management is very important for a business. It will help you to create and implement new strategies. SEMRush project management is a must-have tool for small and big companies as well as individuals.

Free trial offer

The 4th advantage of SEMRush is they give 7 days trial offer to test your their tools and features.

Though, for our readers, SEMRush is providing 14 days extended trial offer worth $49. Click the button below to try this


SEMRush 14-Days Trial


Disadvantages Of SEMRush


Pricing is a bit high than other SEO analytics tools. But it is worth because apart from other SEO tools SEMRush is a thorough analysis tool. If we want some extra features(actually SEMRush has lots of extra features) we have to compromise in price. And if we search the market the price is not so high for a basic account. 

Note: SEMRush is not just an SEO Toolkit but a total Digital marketing package(except email marketing). With only $99 you get SEO Toolkit, PPC Toolkit, Social Media Toolkit,  and Content Marketing Toolkit. So the cost is not actually high against those tons of features.

Enterprise versions are a bit costly but as a company, we can manage that cost.

Only one user allowed in the basic plan

The worst thing is in the basic plan you can only be allowed to add one extra user which is not familiar if you have more than 2 SEO analyst in your company. If you own a company of more than 2 SEO analyst you have to buy an enterprise plan to get more user accounts.

If you can manage with only 2 user accounts then you can go with the basic plans.

Not for a newbie – requires a basic SEO knowledge

As I told above, SEMRush is a thorough SEO analysis tool. You will require some time to be familiar with its features. In one word – it is not for a newbie who doesn’t have the basic knowledge of SEO.

But if you know how SEO and all the work you will definitely go with SEMRush.

The X-factor

SEMRush Provides you with each and every move of your competitors with its 30+ tools. The centuries-old technique for dominating your competitor owned by SEMRush. I think this is the X-Factor of SEMRush.

SEMRush Pricing

Here is the recent pricing of SEMRush. The basic price is affordable and I especially recommend for bloggers. If you have a small business and grow fast you can go with the Guru Plan.

semrush pricing

SEMRush Free Trial For 14 Days

Generally, SEMRush gives 7 days trial to their customers but for my readers, they are providing 14-days extended trial offer worth $49.

If you want to use this extended 14 days trial for SEMRush just click the button below.


SEMRush 14-Days Trial


Final Words

As I have provided all the details of SEMRush now it’s your turn to use it and comment below. Your comments are very useful for other readers who want to use this SEO and competitor analysis tool. Also, share this article with others that they can take the benefits of our extended 14-day trial offer of SEMRush worth $49.

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