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Boost Website Speed With WP Fastest Cache [Setup Guide And Review]

Today I am going to show you how to setup WP fastest Cache on your WordPress Website and use it to increase your page load time significantly.

WP fastest Cache is a WordPress Cache plugin which creates Cache pages for your website for faster loading.

Do you know why I always insist to increase the speed of your website? Because it directly relates to your website traffic. The more time it takes to load your website, the less traffic it receives. 

Here’s why,

Why Page Load Time Matters

Better User Experience

Suppose, you want an information on a product and search for it on Google. Now from the bunch of results in front of you, click on a webpage with the compelling title.

Now it is loading……………..and loading……….and loading.

You think, its very slow I have not much time at all and press the back button for the other result. And the website loses a potential customer.

Improves Search engine Ranking

Google tracks the user interaction with your website. Especially the back button. When user bounced back from your website within a few seconds it gets a signal that the web page is not so useful for users, and decrease the ranking of the web page.

Imagine, you wrote an awesome post and done a proper On-Page SEO, generates few high authority backlinks and then your page ranked on the 1st page of Google. Now when a user clicked on your webpage link and it’s very slow, you lose the 1st-page ranking and another undesirable web page outperform your web page.

In 1 word, the speed of your website directly affects your search engine ranking.

So, You should use Cache plugins along with other tools to speed up your website.

You can read my article Increase WordPress website Speed [Step by Step Guide] which will help you a lot to reduce the page load time of your website significantly.

What is WordPress Cache Plugin

1st of all we need to know what is Caching?

Let’s go in detail.

WordPress is a dynamic CMS so whenever a user lands on your web pages, it queries for all the related data from the database, image folder, Javascript and CSS files and pulls the necessary data from these files, folders, and database. When it identifies the related data, it compiles all the data in a static HTML page and serves it to that particular user.

This whole process takes time from milliseconds to several seconds and every time even the same user lands on that page it does this process.

Now, when we use a caching plugin, it saves the static version of the page visited by the user on the server and when the same user returns on the same page it just takes the static version of the page saved previously and serves it to the user again.

This process reduces the page load time of your website dramatically.

So, installing a caching plugin is a good decision(Especially for blogs where the page contents remain unchanged for a long time) regarding the loading speed of your website.

WP Fastest Cache Vs Other Cache Plugins

There are many Caching plugins available for WordPress but I recommend “WP fastest Cache” as it is quite simple to set up. Other Cache plugins have a lot of options and features. If you don’t aware of these terms and don’t have enough technical knowledge about those you would face several errors on your WordPress website.

But, WP Fastest Cache has not more option – just like plug and play which differentiates this plugin from others. Even a newbie with a little technical knowledge can handle this powerful Caching plugin.

Check Your Website Speed With GT-Metrix

Before you install and activate WP Fastest Cache on your website, check out the current page load time of your website.

Though there are many website speed test tools available in the market I would suggest you use GTmetrix. This tool gives a brief report of your website and the show you the issues which slow down your website.

Go to

Put the web page address which you wanna check in the search bar and press the Analyze button. See the image below.

website speed test

It will take few seconds to show you results. After waiting for few moments you will get this screen.

website loading time

  1. You will get the Pagespeed score, YSlow score, Page load time, page size and HTTP requests. Write down all these on a notepad. When you will install WP Fastest Cache on your website, this data helps you to compare the change in speed of your website.
  2. These tabs show you all the speed related issues.

Setup WP Fastest Cache


As it is a WordPress plugin installation is same as other plugins. You can refer my article Install WordPress Plugins for detailed plugin installation guide.

When you have installed and activated WP fastest Cache on your WordPress website, you will get this option in WordPress dashboard menu.

wp fastest cache plugin


Now you should click on this option and will be redirected to this window.

wp fastest cache review

Now simply check the options which I checked in above image and press the submit button. Your plugin is now configured and working.

Since it is a free version, you cannot access Delete Cache, Image optimization or DB features but if you have registered with any CDN(Content Delivery Network) you can connect that to WP Fastest Cache via CDN feature. See the image below.

wordpress CDN

Here you have to click on your CDN network. When you click on one of them a new window will open asking you for your login email ID and the API key provided by your CDN network.

cdn cloudflare

Just put the desired credentials and your CDN will be connected with WP Fastest Cache. CDN add some extra benefits like global static page database, DDoS attack protection etc.

Check Your Page Load Time Again

Now you should check out the speed of your website again. Go to and put your website address again on the form. Press the analyse button and get the results. Here is my website’s result where I have now installed WP Fastest Cache.

gtmetrix score

Now you can clearly see the change in speed it proved that WP Fastest Cache can dramatically increase your website’s page load time.


There are many Cache plugins available on the internet but I personally love WP Fastest Cache due to its simplicity. Just enable the plugin to check the boxes in the setting and it will start working.

Also, this plugin is very powerful and dramatically increase your website speed if you use it along with Merge+Minify+Refresh plugin. I use both of the plugins for extra speed.

Give it a try and I think you will never disappointed with this. If you have any question regarding this article comment below and share this article on your social channel as sharing encourage me to write more valuable contents.

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