Don’t use Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Before we dive into the topic – Nulled WordPress themes and plugins, let’s gain some knowledge on actually what WordPress is?

As you know WordPress is a content management system or software created in PHP language which runs on Apache server. It is used to create and run many types of websites. Day by day the variety of websites created in WordPress are increasing. And all the customizations are possible through different WordPress themes and plugins available on the internet.

Most of them are free. However, there are premium themes and plugins also available on the internet. If you want to use those premium themes and plugins you have to pay dollars.

Do you know why WordPress and it’s most themes and plugins are available free of cost?

Because, WordPress falls under GNU Public Licence – Which means everybody can use WordPress and it’s plugins and themes free of cost. We can not only use free of cost but we can develop WordPress plugins and themes and distribute it on the Internet.

Now you are curious to know when all the themes and plugins of WordPress are free to use then why some premium themes and plugins are available on the market?

Here is the answer – Premium theme and plugin developers provide services and updates if we purchase any premium stuff. They have no right to sell their plugins and themes because all the themes and plugins made for WordPress fall under GNU Licence. If you goto any premium theme or plugins website and read their licence details, you will see that their stuff are free to use publicly but they only charge for their services and time to time updates.

Click here to read ThemeTrust licence page

Nulled WordPress Themes and Scripts

Now come to the point. What is nulled themes and scripts? 

As WordPress and its plugins and themes fall under GNU licence then anybody has the power to change the codes of a theme or plugin.

Hackers take advantage of GNU licence and manipulate the code of WordPress themes and Scripts to create loopholes and vulnerability for breaking the website security. After changing the code they distribute those scripts on the Internet. Those Themes and Scripts are called Nulled Scripts.

Their main motive behind that is to hack the website and steal all the confidential data stored on the server.

For that, they pick up Premium WordPress themes and plugins, null them and distribute globally.

New WordPress users always search for free themes and scripts. And when they encountered with that kind of premium nulled WordPress themes and plugins free of cost. They download and install those scripts without thinking about the harm of installing nulled scripts.

When they install those scripts on their WordPress website, the hacker receives an alert that somebody installed his nulled script on his website.

And he easily hacks the website entering via the loophole he created in the nulled script.

Do you know? When you install any nulled theme or plugin on your WordPress website, the hacker gets your login credentials too via email. I am telling you this from my own experience

As I have also installed a nulled theme accidentally on my travel blog and after few days my login credential was hacked.

At that bad time, I had no idea what to do. I researched for any solution that could save my website but nothing happened. Lastly, I had to delete my website from the server and reinstall a new WordPress version. 

However, I had recovered my past posts and reimplemented on my website, but it severely harmed my website SERP.

Vulnerable scripts and codes survive for a long time in the code of your plugin. You cannot aware of this kind of thing and one day in the morning you see that your website is hacked.

My Opinion

Don’t use any nulled scripts on your WordPress website nor you will lose control on your website. Hackers hack your website and use it to collect potential data of your users. 

And if it will happen you would not lose your website but charge for illegal use of customers data as per DMCA rules. So, in my opinion, using nulled scripts on websites is illegal and we should avoid that kind of things.

As many WordPress bloggers go for free alternatives to premium themes and plugins due to greediness nature and get trapped in the hackers trap.

If you are searching for free plugins and themes then you can simply go and check WordPress free themes and plugin directory

The directory is populated with over 40,000 themes and plugins and you can use them absolutely free.

If you want to use premium themes then I strongly recommend you to go pay for the theme or plugin you want to use.

Don’t go and use any nulled wordpress themes and plugins.

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