How To Install WordPress Theme: The Simplest Guide

In this article, I’m gonna show you how to install WordPress theme on your self-hosted WordPress Website.

In WordPress, themes and plugins are the two most important ingredients of a blog. So, the 1st step in installation is choosing a proper theme.

You should choose your theme wisely or you will end up with a bad experience(low traffic).

Your theme should be,

  • Catchy
  • Fast to load
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to manage
  • Custom design
  • Child theme support

WordPress theme which I recommend is Elegant theme’s Divi which is the fastest WordPress theme with a sleek design. It’s not just fast but has all the characteristics of a quality theme.

Try Elegant Theme

Install WordPress Theme – Process 1

Now let us start this step-by-step tutorial to install WordPress theme.

Step 1

If you have read my article on 9 Steps WordPress Installation Guide, you already know that you have to choose primary theme during the installation process. Though that theme is quite a basic version theme and you can’t run long with that free theme. Even all the free themes are just for entertain yourself.

If you wanna go further, you must include a premium WordPress theme as a part of your website.

By the way here is the screenshot of where you get the option of choosing a theme on WordPress installation process.

installing wordpress

Step 2

Assuming as you have an active WordPress installation and logged in to your WordPress website dashboard, I now show you where you can change your current theme.

wordpress appearance

  1. Click on Appearance
  2. Click on Themes

Clicking on the themes menu will send you to this window.

wordpress theme install

You can click on the plus sign located at the lower corner of the page or you can also use Add New button to install a new theme.

add new wordpress theme

Step 3 – Install Theme (For free WordPress themes)

Both the buttons will redirect you to WordPress online Theme directory where you can choose a free theme which suits you.

  1. There is a search button on the theme directory page where you can search for your choice of theme. You just have to type your theme categories like travel, blogging, corporate etc and you will get tons of themes related to that category.
  2. When you hover your cursor on a theme you see an Install button along with a Preview button. WordPress gives a preview option before installing a theme. You can use install now button to install the theme
  3. When the theme installation will complete, the last step is to activate your theme. When your theme is installed, you will see an activate button instead of install button. You just have to press it to activate your theme.

install free wordpress theme

Step 4 – Upload Theme (For Premium themes)

If you have already purchased a premium theme like Elegant theme’s Divi or StudioPress’s Genesis or any other theme from ThemeForest then you should follow this step to upload and install your premium theme.

When you click on themes on Add New button on theme selection window you are redirected to the above window where you can choose a free theme from online WordPress repository.

But here you can see another button Upload Theme which is located on the upper left corner of the window. For reference see the image below.

upload theme

When you press the button, the window will be extended like that.

uplaod wordpress theme

Now click on the choose file and upload the zip file provided by your author. Press the install button. It will take few seconds to install your new theme. When your theme will be installed, you have been prompted to activate your theme. Press the activate button and – Voila. Your new theme is now installed on your WordPress website.

Theme installation is just a 1st part of this process. After the installation, you have to configure your new theme for your WordPress website.

Here is the configuration process of your WordPress theme.

Customize WordPress Theme

Step 1

As you have gone through Appearance to install WordPress theme, same you have to go through that.

There are three ways to open theme customize option.

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over Appearance and Click on Customize
  2. You can also go to customize option via theme selection window
  3. Open your website frontpage via visit site option and click on customize on the upper menu

Picture 1

customize wordpress theme 1


Picture 2

customize wordpress theme 2

Step 2

When you press on customize button, you will be redirected to customize window like that

customize wordpress

Here you can set up all the settings of your theme. From changing site logo to assigning menu etc all necessary setting related to your theme you will find here.

When you set up your settings click on publish button to make the setting live.

customize wordpress 2

Important Notes:

Don’t ever use any nulled theme or you will lose control on your website. Nulled themes are modified themes which create vulnerability on your website and anyone can easily reach your website dashboard with the help of them. Your website could be banned by your web host too. So be careful and only use free themes from WordPress theme directory or buy a premium theme.

You can buy themes from

  1. Elegant themes 
  2. ThemeForest
  3. StudioPress

I recommend Elegant theme’s Divi which is drag and drop theme and with this, you can easily create a strong interface of your website.

Many premium themes like Divi give an extra option to customize there a theme which you can find on your Appearance menu.  

Divi also gives you page to page editing option. After installing Divi, when you go to page editor, you can see a Divi page builder option there. You can edit your page via this option.

You can also edit your global setting on the Appearance menu where you will find Divi theme customization.

Wrapping Up

Now when you know, how to install and customize your theme, it’s your job to make others aware of this process. So I aspect you are sharing this article on your social circle. In your eyes which theme is better for bloggers comment below.

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