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11 Free Image Hosting Sites You Should Try in 2018

We all need free stuff. whether that’s a physical product or digital one. Whether it’s free software, free web hosting services or a free image hosting sites. If you are a blogger or want to start a blog then you must read this article because this article can save a huge amount of bandwidth of your web hosting package.

Because of low budget, many small websites purchase shared web hosting services in their initial period and face downtime when their limited bandwidth plan exceeds with sudden SEO traffic boost. Downtime is not a good thing with respect to SEO and user experience. However, the best solution to avoid website downtime is purchasing a VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth but you can also minimize bandwidth use of your shared hosting plan with some useful tools.

Along with CDN, free image hosting websites are one of the most powerful tools to minimize your bandwidth usage to a large extent.

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What are Free Image Hosting Sites and Why we need them?

Free image hosting sites are online image storage tools with limited storage capacity (However we can purchase their premium plans for more storage) where we can upload our image for different usage. We can upload and share our images with the public, Use those images on our websites by embedding them, and also keep them private for future use.

Some free image hosting websites provide the feature to edit uploaded images.

Now, why we need an image hosting site?

Do you have a website? If yes, then you have a hosting plan too. either it’s shared hosting with limited bandwidth or a VPS plan. If you have a VPS hosting plan then you are already paying a lot of money for that. How nice would be that if an image hosting plan could save your shared hosting’s bandwidth and you don’t have any further need to buy expensive VPS plans?

Yes, there are many free images hosting websites are available on the internet where you can upload your images and embed them to your websites to save your precious bandwidth to a large extent.

Someone said images say more than 1000 words and I think you won’t deny that quote. But the problem is, images and videos are the most bandwidth sucking form of content. As their size is quite larger than a text content they consume most of the bandwidth of your hosting plans.

And, ironically users like these form of content most. These form of content can’t be forbidden today. Rather, the truth is, they are the most liked form of content on the internet.

So, I came today with 11 free image hosting sites to help you run your website successfully without any downtime.

#1 Flickr


This is a most known name in images hosting world as Flickr is one of the oldest image hosting website. They have a wide verity of services for their users. You can upload and create albums, share them with public or keep them private, embed them on your website as well as edit them via their online image editing tool.

They give 1000GB space for every user which is quite enough for your image hosting needs.

You can put your images to creative commons license so that others could use them or put them under the standard license.

Click here to know more about Flickr

#2 Dropbox


Apart from Flickr, Dropbox is a dedicated file hosting website. Here you can upload not only images but documents, videos and other file formats too.

After uploading a file you will get a shareable link which you can share with anyone. If you want to share PDF or video files with your website users then Dropbox is one of the best options for you.

Dropbox provides 2GB free space which you can increase paying a recurring amount.

Want to know more about Dropbox? Click here

#3 Imageshack


Imageshack is a premium image hosting service but it gives 1-month free trial to new users. They have Pinterest style user interface which is very easy to use. You can easily upload and share high-resolution images with Imageshack.

Although you can keep your images and albums private and share when you want. If you sign up for 1-month trial you will get 10 GB per month upload.

In my opinion, Imageshack is ideal for businesses.

You can try it here.

#4 Tiny Pic


Don’t want to create an account with your image hosting website? Then go with Tinypic. The easiest to use image hosting site on the planet. Upload, add some tags and press enter. Done. With Tiny pic, there is no need to sign up or log in for uploading images.

On uploading, you will get a shareable link which you can use the internet including your own website. Although, they have some limitations like image resolution shouldn’t be more than 1600px and file size 100 MB. They store your images for three months. After that they delete them. So it is ideal for forums and another short-term usage.

You can check out Tinypic here.

#5 Imgur


Imgur is a favorite image hosting site for Reddit users. It is widely used by news community members. Just like Tinypic, you don’t have to Signup for an account in Imgur, instead, you can directly upload with one click. You can also upload animated GIF’s on Imgur and use them on your community and website with a unique link.

You can upload your images with just one click without losing a bit of their quality. However, the image size should not exceed 20 MB and if you are uploading animated GIF then maximum size they allow is 200 MB.

Let’s try Imgur

#6 500Px


This image hosting site is specially created for photographers as they provide many professional tools for photographers. Although they have a free account service too if you purchase their premium account, you can create your own portfolio to showcase your work and share with the public.

The downside is they don’t give you an URL to share your images but you can embed your and other users images to your website and save bandwidth of your website.

If you are a professional photographer, you can also make money with their photo selling service. You can upload any resolution images with 500Px with is an advantage for professional photographers.

You can upload maximum 25 images per week with your free account but you can increase this limit by paying a recurring fee of $25 annual membership.

Try 500Px here

#7 Google Photos

You definitely have a google account so it is very easy to access Google photos image hosting feature by Google.

You can use Google photos for editing, organizing and them according to your needs and share them with a unique URL with any people. An AI(artificial intelligence) can records you photo habits and organize your images in a better way.

They Give you unlimited storage for smartphones and simple camera images but for DSLR they provide you only limited space.

You can access Google photos at this link:

Or you can use their smartphone app too for quick backing up you the images taken by your smartphone. You can also embed those images on your website to save bandwidth of your web hosting service.

#8 Photo Bucket


Photo Bucket is another cool Image Hosting site giving you 10 GB monthly bandwidth with GB storage capacity. They have also premium features which you can access in exchange for a monthly recurring fee.

Like another image hosting websites, you can share images on social media, websites, forums, sopping platforms, and other online services.

Check out Photo Bucket here

#9 Free Image Hosting


This is an alternative to Imgur but you will not expect Imgur like the look with Free Image Hosting. Also, they display ads on their site which is quite annoying for users.

Just like Imgur you can upload and share your images easily without any signup process and you can host your images for the life without creating an account with them as an anonymous user. In addition to images, you can also upload and share GIF but if the size of GIF is too large, you have to compromise with the quality of your GIFs.

The advantage is you can upload your images easily and fast and yous them with your website, forums and other online services. The maximum upload size they allow 3 MB per file but it is quite enough for general image hosting requirement

To try Free Image Hosting click here

#10 PostImage


PostImage is a dedicated free image hosting service for forums and websites. You can easily upload and resize your images on PostImage without creating an account with them. Although for the advanced use, you should signup with them.

You can host your images for the lifetime and the cool feature is that you can set the expiry time of your uploaded images. After the expiry, the image automatically deleted from the database as long as you didn’t set up the expiry for the lifetime. They have no file size restrictions on so you can upload large files too.

Try PostImage here

#10 Amazon Drive


The best professional image hosting site is Amazon Drive where you can host your images. Actually, it is not only image hosting site but just like Dropbox, you can host your all files with Amazon Drive service.

They give 5 GB space free which is sufficient for personal use but for more space, you have to pay $10.99 per month. Although, you can refer tAmazon Drive to friends in exchange for premium features.

You can check out Amazon Drive here.

#11 Image Venue


Image venue is ideal for websites, forums, blogs and other online services. You can upload share and embed its images with other online services. When you upload the image automatically resize to low dimensions as well as the original quality is preserved. You can create an album and share them too along with single photos.

the Maximum image size They allow is of 3 MB per image and the online storage they provide is 3GB per month.

Try Image Venue here


Now, I think you have a clear vision which free image hosting site suit your needs. If you ask me for the best image hosting website my favorite is Flickr. Flickr is popular for there seamless useful features and service. In the course of time, Flickr established the best image hosting and sharing service on the internet.

Comment below and let me know which is your favorite image hosting site and share this post on social media as sharing encourage me to produce more contents for you.

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