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Register free Domain Name now [Step-by-step Guide]

We all love free stuff. Especially when it comes to blog or website creation we search for things like free domain name and free web hosting etc. however, putting extra efforts on a website or blog could give us living-income but nobody wanna spend a dime on web hosting and domain names in the initial period of their blogging career.

In fact, we know from deep within that we have to invest something to get fruits but even we don’t wanna invest in new websites or blogs. At least, until we won’t see any income from our websites.

Especially students and housewives who wanna create websites but don’t have enough money(or don’t wanna invest from their pocket money) to put on it.

As a result, we Google with search terms like “free domain name” and “free web hosting”. But couldn’t find a reliable resource related to those terms. We find cheap web hosting, cheap domain names but not free. And lastly, we get exhausted and leave our great idea which could have a power of a seed of a big business in future.

So, whats the catch? From where we will get the free domain name or free web hosting?

Fortunately, there are few exist on this planet earth. Read this article, dig deep and get your free domain name write after reading this article.

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Why choose a free domain name 

Ok, you have an idea. You want to plant your idea like a seed and see the growth. Probably, you have a sufficient amount of fertilizers (Quality content) and water (You know how to optimize contents for better SEO). But don’t have the plot to plant this seed.

A domain name is a plot where you can plant your idea and make it grow. With time, when this idea transforms into a business, you get real fruits in form of dollars. And the initial step to plant a seed is obtaining a plot. Either buying it or renting it. You have to buy a domain name to plant your ideas as a website. Domain names are the gateway between your idea and the world. By a domain name are able to serve you services to the world through internet.

But wait, what if you don’t have sufficient money to buy a domain name. Will you drop the idea? Your dream? At this point, you have to choose one of two ways. Either arrange money to buy a domain name or get a free domain name.

This is the answer why you should choose a free domain name. Choosing a free domain name can save your pocket and give you the power to show your services to the world. However, there are some limitations to free domain names which I wrote in this article below.

3 categories of free domain names

We can divide the free domain names into 3 categories. Although, the very first is not absolutely free but worth to put it here as we can consider them free also. 

#1 Free top-level domain with a paid web hosting plan

If you search for web hosting plans you will get a bunch of results offering free domain name with there hosting service. Today every 2nd web hosting company offer these type of plans to increase sales. These type of plans benefit an average customer like housewives and students who have not much money to invest in domain name separately. And, actually, they offer top level premium extension domain names which are quite helpful if you wanna run your business for a long time.

I know this option is not absolutely free but I have added this to first because of some reasons.

Here are some Pros & Cons of choosing a free domain name with paid web hosting.

  • You get premium extension domain names such as DOT.COM, DOT.NET, DOT.ORG etc which are considered as the most searchable domain extensions in the world. These domain extensions help you to grow your business in long run.
  • An average customer can get these type of domain names with a good web hosting plan
  • You don’t have to invest separately in domain and web hosting. Asa well as you can configure your domain name and web hosting with a single control panel. This approach really helpful for newbies who have no idea how to implement nameserver DNS or something like this technical headache. 
  • Some web hosting companies offer these domain names free for lifetime. So this is the best thing I really like. How nice that you are getting a free lifetime domain with a cheap web hosting plan.
  • They don’t provide you premium domains. Premium domain is those in them common colloquial words are used. These types of domains can be very costly depends on the word used on them. But if you use your mind you can beat domain registrar to obtain a decent premium domain just like me. See my website name where a premium word is used but I got it at regular price. But in the “free domain name with web hosting plans” you don’t have any way to chose premium domains. 
  • You have to stick with their hosting plan to use your domain name. You can’t change your hosting plans in next year. This is the worst thing in my opinion. However, today some web hosting websites are providing the facility to migrate your hosting plans and domain names whenever you want. After all, they know today an average customer is too clever than a few years back.

#2 Free 2nd level domain

2nd level domains are widely used by free blogging platforms like,, and etc. However, some online website makers and web hosting companies also offer these type of domains.

They look like this,




From the SEO point of view, they are the worst kind of domain names. You can’t get much SEO juice choosing them. You can’t rank higher on search engines using them. Here are the Pros & Cons of 2nd level free domain names.


  • You don’t wanna worry much about technical facts of domain and web hosting. Just plug and play. Open an account with any blogging platform choose your domain name and you are ready to blog.
  • Ideal for newbie bloggers and business owners who don’t have much technical skill in website creation.
  • Ideal for learning the basics of websites and blogs.


  • The worst type of domain names from SEO point of view. Search engines generally ignore these type of domains don’t rank them high.
  • You cannot migrate a 2nd level domain from one host to other.
  • You have to stick with the host or blogging platform to use these domains.
  • The theme used by these blogging platforms and web hosting companies are not as much good and SEO friendly. They have some extra themes in their platform but you will not satisfy using them. You can’t customize them at all.

#3 Free-specific top-level domain like DOT.TK etc

The third type of free domain name is a top level domain with the extension DOT.TK. Although they are not much popular like DOT.COM, DOT.NET etc still they have been using by many pro webmasters. I too have used it for many years on my other websites. DOT.TK domains are reliable and also rank in google if website and pages properly optimized.

There are other free top-level domains like .ML .GA .CF and .GQ is available on the internet but not as much reliable as DOT.TK.

Here are Pros & Cons of DOT.TK type domain names


  • They are more reliable than free 2nd level domain names.
  • DOT.TK domain is more SEO friendly and if website properly optimized, your pages can rank on Google also.
  • DOT.TK is Absolutely free of cost.
  • You can use them with any web hosting provider. You just have to put the name servers of the web hosting service on your DOT.TK dashboard.


  • They are not as popular as other top-level domains like DOT.COM, DOT.NET etc.
  • Their Valuation of that domain extension is low and you have to work hard on SEO to get traction on organic traffic.
  • You can’t use it with big projects or the websites who have the probability to grow much more in future.
  • Widely used by many non-reliable websites so users treat as your’s also a low-quality website.

Step by Step guide to registering your free domain name

I have experience with all the 3 free domain categories and used a lot with my websites. From all that experience, I have properly described below the step by step guide to registering free domain names in those 3 categories. Have a look at the procedures to get your own.

Register a free top level domain with the paid hosting plan

It’s a pretty simple to obtain free domain name with paid hosting. Here is the whole procedure.

  1. Search on Google for a web hosting plan which gives you free domain name along with the plan.
  2. After getting a decent hosting plan you have to create an account with the hosting company.
  3. In account creation process you have to give your valid email ID, address and phone number and verify the email given email ID.
  4. The verification process is simple. You have to click on the verification link which web hosting company sent you on your mail
  5. After verification of email, you will be redirected to a page prompting to fill the free domain name you want to register.
  6. Fill the domain name with the extension which you want to register and click on the next button.
  7. Then the hosting company checks if the domain name is available or already registered by someone else. If the domain name is available, they redirect you to the checkout page where you have to fill your payment details to buy the hosting.
  8. If the domain name is already registered, they will inform you that domain is not available and you have to fill another name. Fil the other name and if it’s available you will get the free domain name after successful payment along with paid web hosting.

Register a 2nd level domain name

As this domain name is specially provided by the blogging websites and some web hosting companies, you can get this type of domain to register your account with those websites. Follow the below procedure to get a 2nd level domain name.

  1. Find the web hosting site or blogging platform with which you want to create your website.
  2. Create an account on your blogging platform.
  3. To create an account you have to provide your email ID and verify the same just like the first category.
  4. After verification of email, you are instructed to fill the desired domain name.
  5. After filling the domain name they search for if the domain with the same name already registered on their platform or not. If not registered by someone else you will have been provided with your desired domain.
  6. Then they redirect you to the dashboard where you can create your website and also write your blog.

Register a free DOT.TK domain name

This is also a simple procedure.

  1. You have to go to this link
  2. You will get a screen like this.


  1. Put your desired domain name on the form and click on check for availability.
  2. If the domain name is available you will get the screen like this.
  3. Click on “get it now” the right corner of your desired domain name.
  4. Click on checkout.
  5. Choose the period. (Note: DOT.TK domains are free for 12 months. you can try the other alternatives for lifetime free product)
  6. Click on continue.
  7. Enter your email address on the next screen and click on verify your email address.
  8. After verification, you will be the owner of your free DOT.TK domain name.

Final words

As I have tried all the domain in my 10 years of online career. I don’t recommend you to choose one if you are serious about your website or blog. But the last chose is yours. I don’t know you are a professional, a student, a housewife or a hobbyist. So I would suggest you if you want to do experiment with your sites, gain knowledge on web technology or something else, you should try these free things, though. But if you are truly serious about your online career you always go with professional top-level domains like DOT.COM, DOT.NET etc.

In the end, I would tell you that you should try these free stuff. after all, they are absolutely free and you don’t have to spend a penny to get a free domain name. Comment below and let me know your experience with these free domain names. Also, share this article with your friends as sharing encourage me to write more valuable contents.

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