Expired Domains: Your Key to Success in Online Marketing

Do you know why I’ve given this title “Expired domains are your key to success in online marketing”? Becuase, there is a big reason behind choosing an expired domain instead of new domains.


Without a traffic a website is dead. The whole game of Internet marketing is based on website traffic. If you have no traffic, you can’t afford your mobile bills even.

And, if you have huge traffic on your site you would build a business empire with time.

Building a traffic takes so much time and effort for a new website. it takes months, sometimes years. There are lots of factors which affect your Search engine rankings and ultimately website traffic. If you are a regular reader of on my blog, you already know the factors which I describe in my past articles.

Although, there are 3 main website ranking factors,

  • Content
  • Website authority
  • Backlinks

If you wanna rank your website, you’ll have to be master in above 3 factors. I know you write good SEO friendly as well as user-friendly content. But what about Website authority and Backlink profile?

These two factors are the backbone of a website. Building Website authority and Backlink profile take months to years. But with a good expired domain, you will get these things readymade. Yes, you don’t need to do a lot of work on whitehat, blackhat, and grey-hat SEO building techniques to build authority and backlinks on your website if you start with an expired domain.

But wait, before buying any expired domain read this “must read” article on choosing good expired domains neither you might find yourself in a pitfall. There is a number of good and bad factors of Expired Domains. You should choose yours wisely before spending money on it.

Why Go for Expired Domain Instead a new domain

I have already given you few important reasons, why you should go for Expired domains instead purchasing a new domain. Here in this section, I’ve described those reasons briefly.

These 3 points below will give you a brief idea that why purchasing an old domain is really beneficial than the newer one.

Readymade Backlinks 


Suppose, you purchase a new domain and started working on it. You write content, share your content socially, make backlinks, and with time you also get natural backlinks. Now, for some reasons, like, you are not happy with your domain name, or it is not according to your blog or website topic or you just forget to renew your domain in time, the domain name gets expired. 

After that someone (A clever blogger or webmaster) finds this domain in domain auction sites and checked its quality and finds that it got a huge number of quality backlinks. He purchased it and created a new website with this domain. 

Now what? All the past backlinks routed to the new website and the website starts getting traffic from the very first day. Also, you rank high in Google within a short time period. And it’s known truth that search engine ranking sends most targeted traffic to any website.

This is the power of quality Expired domain. If you purchase an Expired domain cleverly, doing a research, you will hit the fisheye. An Expired domain with a good backlink profile is able to grow your business very fast. 

Domain authority 


As you know the authority of a domain makes it more searchable in search engines. Domain authority is the score which makes your website more trustable in the eye of search engines and also public. 

But, Building an authority is not so easy. You have to work hard to build trust among your audience and search engines. Authority building is a time-consuming process. It is like a tree. You give it water, fertilizers, and care for years to get fruits. 

But suppose a tree which already grew up and you purchase it. Then you will get fruits from the very first day.

Just like that tree, an expired domain will give you real fruits (Traffic=$$$) from the very first day.

But wait, don’t buy a wormwood tree. Choose the better one. Do research according to this article and get your fruitful tree (Choose best-expired domain). This article also covered how to search a good expired domain for your website. Keep reading till the end.

Getting traffic from the very 1st day


You got a domain with good backlink profile and good domain authority score. Now what? Just create your website, link your website with purchased expired domain and get set go. Don’t forget to link your website with Google analytics. I bet if you have purchased a domain with good backlinks profile and domain authority, traffic will come to you in a natural way. And the amount of traffic will be huge.

The magic of choosing an old good domain is that you get the traffic from the very first day and if you’ve purchased a domain related to your website or blog topic you will get targeted traffic too. And ultimately a better conversion rate.

How to Find and buy Expired domains

best-domai- names

Now, when you know the benefits of expired domains, the main work starts here. It’s not easy to find a good expired domain related to your niche. There are many ways to find and buy a good old domain. Most of them described below. 

The benefit of finding recently expired domains

The first thing you should know that, recently expired domains are the best domains. There is a big reason behind. When a domain expires and the website connected to it stopped working or redirected to a new domain, the domain starts losing authority. Also, when someone who linked your domain with his website finds the domain is inactive for a while, to avoid broken link in his website structure he changes the link with another similar website’s link. Ultimately the domain also starts losing backlinks. 

So it is suggested that purchasing a recently expired domain is more beneficial than the older one. 

Finding deleted domains

Deleted domains are the domains deleted by the previous users. They are easily available to use for others. You can choose them as they are available within the normal price range. They have the same benefits like expired domains with good backlink profile and good domain authority score.

But, just like an expired domain, you should grab recently deleted domains nor you can’t get more SEO juice from the domain.

The main difference between expired domains and deleted domains is the price. You can get deleted domains at a nominal price as new domains, but the price of expired domains depends on the SEO score and the name of the domain.

Domain backorder from Godaddy

Do you know what is domain backorder? here is the definition.

When you choose a domain, new or expired which is potentially popular or would be popular in future, most probably it has been already bought by someone else for resale.

Domain resellers buy popular domains and resale them via domain auctioning in domain registrar sites. But if you even want this domain then those domain registrar websites have given you an option to backorder the domain. You can direct buy these type of domain by domain backorder facility.

You don’t have to participate in an auction to grab them. But in domain back ordering your chosen domains have a high price.

You should always check the domain quality before going for domain backorder nor you would feel faked on your wrong choice.

You can backorder domains with Godaddy but before you have to choose your domain. To know the process of choosing a quality domain read the next section.

Domain Auction Sites (You can also Quality check your domains with them)

I have three websites to show you here. These are the most popular domain auction websites where you can buy, backorder or bid for domains.


It is my 1st choice when I want to buy expired domains. The reason is it gives you the brief information about domains. Such as how many backlinks the domain receives right now, DA/PA of a domain, Alexa ranking, Moz ranking, Age of domain and many more information which gives you an idea which domain is right for you. Also, you can view if the domain is available in normal price or special price, in action or available for backorder.

They provide all the necessary information which you want before spending your money on domains.

The cool thing I really like in ExpiredDomains.net is, they have the “search with keywords” option with simple UI which many others have not. You can find suitable domains with your desired keywords. Although other Domain auction sites also have searched with keywords option, ExpiredDomains.net give precise results than others.

I Already used ExpiredDomains.net several times to find my domains in my niche. They have really awesome features. You should definitely try it.


DomainHole.com comes in the second number in my Domain Auction site list. It has also “search with keywords” option but I am not much satisfied with it. It is not as accurate as ExpiredDomains.net.

However, it has an option to choose the extension of domains along with their keyword research facility. When you select an extension in search, you will get domains containing your preferred extensions only. They don’t give much information of a domain but have some other extra features which are worth to add here.

They have Name spinner, Instant check, Complete check, Name generator, Alerts, Bulk check and many other useful features which you can try.


The third popular one is ExpiredDomains.io

They have similar features like Expireddomains.net. They display the popular Expired domains in the homepage as well as you can use their advanced search feature to search with keywords.

In advance search feature, they beat ExpiredDomains.net. You get many extra search queries in their advanced search which would help you to narrow down to the perfect choice.

Quality Check the Domain authority before buying


The most important procedure you should follow before spending your money on expired domains is checking the quality of the domain. There are a number of things which affect the quality of an expired domain. But 3 things affect most. Alexa Ranking, PA/DA Score, and existing backlinks.

I have added here 2 more factor which you should take care of.

  1. Always check, if the domain is not panelized by Google search engine.
  2. If you are planning to monetize your website in future, you should check out if the domain is not blocked by Google Adsense.

Let’s have a brief look at these factors.

Alexa ranking


Do you know what is Alexa? I’m not talking about that small electronic device by Amazon who can order a pizza for you. I’m talking about the website ranking company started by Amazon.

You can take a look going to Alexa.com. Alexa ranks any website based on their performance on the web. To do this they use a google chrome extension. When someone who installed this extension, opens your website then it will send all the information on your website to Alexa’s database. Thier bots analyze the data and give a ranking to your website.

Alexa ranking is directly proportional to your website traffic and bounce rate. You should always check Alexa ranking of your chosen domain. To do this you can install Alexa google chrome extension in your chrome browser.

ExpiredDomains.net and ExpiredDomains.io also show you the Alexa ranking of the domain. But its far better to use Alexa extension for accurate results.

PA/DA of the domain

The second thing you should check out is PA/DA score. ExpiredDomains.net and ExpiredDomains.io have also PA/DA feature. You can check out the Domain authority by a free third-party tool called “Small SEO tools”.

Domain authority or PA/DA score is the most important thing which affects any websites ranking in search engines. When you will search for any expired domain, don’t go with any domain has PA/DA below 6. Domain authority below 6 is treated as the not much strong score.

Gaining Alexa ranking and domain authority takes time. It’s not one day or one-month procedure. These two things depend upon traffic and traffic comes with time.

Obviously, the price of an expired domain with high authority and Alexa rank is very high. Sometimes beyond the reach of an average person.

So, when you find a domain with good PA/DA and Alexa rank in “low price”, think yourself a fortunate person.

Existing backlinks

The third thing you should keep in mind, the backlinks. Not only the quantity but also quality. After the implementation of hummingbird algorithm, Google cleared that they prefer quality over quantity. Whether its content or backlinks.

Before Google’s new algorithm update, more backlinks considered as a good signal for the authority of a website. But after those updates, Google now prefer quality backlinks over quantity.

Today if you have 100 backlinks coming from high authority and relevant niche websites, it will beat thousands of low-quality backlinks.

So, I suggest you check out briefly from where the backlinks are coming? It is possible, you get lot’s of domains with thousands of backlinks but their DA/PA score is low. The reason behind that they collected their backlinks using blackhat backlink building (spamming) from low-quality websites.

Google also penalizes those websites whose backlinks come from low quality and irrelevant websites.

Backlinks coming from relevant (same niche) websites, government websites, educational websites, and high authority websites considered as the positive vote for a website.

Before buying expired domains, the best practice is to check the source of backlinks thoroughly.

Check if the domain is not already penalized by Google


Many expired domains are left by their owners for this big reason. Google penalizes domains for many reasons. Some of them are

  • If you void their content policy guidelines
  • If you do blackhat SEO for quick ranking
  • Duplicate content
  • Lack of content
  • If you have backlinks coming from those websites who void their content policy guidelines.

If you get any domain which Google already penalized you can’t rank in Google with this domain. Even if your content is of the best quality. You should always go with those expired domains which are not already penalized by Google.

But how would you check if the domain is penalized or not?

There are 2 ways to checkout

  1. Is my Website Penalized
  2. BannedCheck.com

Go to these to websites and put your website URL in the search field. You will get the result containing if the domain is banned or not.

There are 2 more ways to check penalize but they work only when you owned the domain. Although, you can check you running websites with them.

Those 2 ways are

  1. Google search console
  2. Google analytics

To check out you have to carefully analyze the traffic report in these tools. If you find any sudden traffic drop it is possible your website penalized and your ranking dropped in Google search. 

In this case, you should analyze the bad links coming to your domains, Contents on your website and optimize your website. 

It takes 6 months to 2 years to recover from Google penalization.

Take care of this factor when you are buying expired domains. I am telling you from my own experiences as I already lost my money on those domains in my blogging career.

Is the domain blocked from Google Adsense

If you are going to create a website or blog I’m sure you wanted to make money from it. Right? For any blog or website, the first income source rather I should say the first choice of income source (although there are many other decent income sources) is Adsense.

Adsense, owned by Google is the main source of income on the internet. It is trustworthy. Such a reputable company. Adsense was my first choice too in my early age of blogging. 

But, getting an approval from them is very difficult. They generally don’t approve websites with lack of content, duplicate content, bad backlinks and other many factors.

If you want to know more, refer to their Content guidelines policy.

Now, If any website violates their content guidelines they block that website to serve their ads. And never whitelist the website in future.

So, if you want to earn initial income from AdSense, you should choose a domain which is not blocked by AdSense.

My website is also blocked by AdSense. The reason is I have written Google products related articles on my website which is against AdSense’s content policy. 

So, How can you check if a domain is blacklisted by AdSense?

There is the only tool which I trust


Although, Google prevents your login saying “your connection is not private” but from Firefox, you can access this website.

If you don’t wanna go with the above tool, you can try other popular tools. One of them is,


On those websites just fill your domain name in the search box and press enter. If the domain is blocked by AdSense you will get the perfect information.

If you want to try other good alternatives of AdSense, you should read my special article,

9 Best Alternatives to Adsense

My Favorite Tool For Expired domains – ExpiredDomains.net


When it comes to domain auction sites, I love ExpiredDomains.net. It does not mean that others are bad, but personally, I love ExpiredDomains.net. I love their easy search option giving me the ability to search for my keywords. Also, they give a brief detail about every domain. 

The detail report can really help you to choose the best domain.

You should also try this tool. I bet you will love it.

The only Demerit of Expired Domain


 The only demerit of getting an expired domain which I hate is “Price”.

When you like a domain with good Alexa Ranking, Backlinks, and other plus points, It’s price will be very high or it is only available for back ordering. The Price could stop you to buy your awesome domain. 

But yea, good domains deserve their respected price.


Expired domains are a treasure of Alladin if you choose them wisely, but if your choice is not according to this article you will lose your money though. I also lost my money for few domains which I think was terrible mistakes of my blogging carrier.

So, Choose wisely expired domains and enjoy your online growth as well as if you liked my article share it with your friends on social media and other places.

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