Brizy Page Builder: A New But Powerful Page Builder [Introduction]

You are wondering that if we have elementor, beaver builder like page builders then why I came up with this new page builder – Brizy page builder? Keep reading this article and you will get the answer.

When we talk about page builders for WordPress, only 2-3 names come into our mind like elementor, beaver builder etc. They all are world-class page builders. But the main problem with them is for advanced features you have to pay a fair amount of money. Then why not use a free page builder like Brizy builder which is full of free advanced features.

Brizy Page Builder 

The Brizy page builder is a new but very powerful page builder. Though it is going to launching the pro version with $253 for lifetime access for unlimited websites the basic version which you find in WordPress plugin directory has a full of features and I don’t think you should have the pro version for your website.

However, the pro version is helpful for the webmasters who have many websites and in the field of web development for their clients. But for an indie blogger, the basic free version of Brizy page builder is enough to create tremendous pages in WordPress.

I have testes Brizy page builder for my website and got it very easy to use and feature rich page builder.


Brizy Page Builder Vs Other Page Builders

The main thing which differs it from other page builders is the features which you get with a pro version of page builder is available in Brizy free. Like you get 150+ Pre-made content blocks with Brizy page builder which is a pro feature in other page builders like elementor and beaver builder.

You also get 4000+ Icons which is also a feature you get in pro version of any other page builder. There are many features included in Brizy page builder which are only available in pro versions of the page builders.

In this article, I will describe the main features of Brizy page builders which differs it from other mainstream WordPress page builders.

Keep reading this article until the end and you will find the best free page builder for your future websites and bogs.

Brizy Page Builder Features

In this section, I will introduce you the main features of Brizy page builder one by one.

Drag & Drop Facility

If you’ve used Elementor or Beaver builder previously or currently using them you are surely aware of this feature. In fact, the main motive of an ideal page builder to reduce the time taking processes. Their main motive is to give you a hassle-free user interface where you can design your pages with no time.

Brizy page builder is not an exception. You get a user-friendly interface where you can design your pages with drag and drop facility. Just select the element from the element menu and drag it to the desired area. setup the settings of the content and all done.

With Drag and drop facility you can design your pages within minutes.

Design Elements

There is a wide range of elements available in the element menu of Brizy page builder. Text, buttons, images, icons, video, maps and much more ready to use elements available in the element menu.

Now design your page content with those elements and give your website the very professional look. And the main thing is it’s all free.

150+ Pre-made Blocks

Brizy page builder is equipped with 150+ pre-made blocks.

Don’t know what are blocks?

Blocks are pre-made page templates which you can drag and drop to your page and customize them for your needs.

These pre-made block templates help you to create the main structure of your pages which can make it easy to design stunning pages with no time.

4000+ Icon are included

For a well-designed website, blog or landing page icons are the very important ingredient. You have to have your own special icon library for branding.

Brizy page builder makes it easy to create an icon rich website. Its 4000+ Icon library gives you the ability to choose the best Outline and Glyph icons for your website.

You can easily find the icons via category filter or keyword search feature. I remember those days when I was tired of finding the right icon on the internet for my websites. But now in Brizy page builder, I just type the keyword and hit enter to find all matched Outline and Glyph icons.

Mobile Friendly

After Google Hummingbird algorithm update, we all know that mobile-friendly websites win over the cheap old desktop websites. Today 70% searched done through mobile phones.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you are losing that 70% traffic and the nightmare is Google will take your ranking down any time.

Thanks to Brizy page builder, it is totally mobile friendly. with Brizy builder you can create mobile-friendly web pages in minutes. don’t worry, you don’t have to create a separate page for mobile. The blocks are fully responsive and adjust with the size of the screen so the desktop pages turn into mobile pages automatically.

Global Style edit

Woohoo, finally got that tremendous feature. I had faced the problem many times when I wanted to change my branding color and texts etc globally and sucked with no features like that.

I think the creators of Brizy realized that problem of webmasters and added this Global Style edit feature.

Now you can change the text, similar colors and all global properties with one click. And also save the settings for use on other pages.

Smart Text

We get a smart text editor also to get the work done on the go. Now we can style our text on the block and see the results right now that how the text styling will appear on publishing.

You can edit the text color, alignments, fonts etc right on the go.

Content adjustment

You can adjust the width, height, and alignment of a content with just one click. This is an intuitive feature so you don’t have to worry about the adjustment. just select the content and click the desired button and your content now been adjusted in a right way.

whole New Image adjustment feature

Images are the lifeline of a website. Without images, a website is dead like a desert. You have to add some greenery to your desert to get into life.

But when we add images to our websites, the problem arises as the adjustment of images. But with Brizy page builder you can now upload, focus, zoom and resize your images effortlessly and with no time.

Resize columns

You can resize columns by dragging the handle which appears between the column lines. it shows the real-time percentage value of the column displayed at the top. The content inside the column can readjust itself with the column width. This is the responsiveness of Brizy page builder.

Cloud Auto-save

The cool thing is that the work is always backed up on the cloud so you never lose your work and when you log in for the next session the work starts from their you left it. Also, you get undo and redo feature to get back the previous changes as well to avoid the mistakes you made creating the content.

User Ratings and Reviews

as it is a new page builder you can’t aspect a huge review and rating numbers. It has currently 33 reviews on the WordPress plugin directory. As well as it has 29 5-star rating which is quite enough to judge the quality of the plugin.

Brizy page builder has 20,000+ active installations and I assume you are the next person who will install it just after reading this article.


Page builders are very important tool today. We need them for many useful purposes. If we want a landing page for our product or service we install page builder. If we want a stylish option page we rely on page builders. Even we are able to serve our front page with an attractive design just because of page builders.

The most useful feature of a successful page builder is the drag and drop feature which makes it possible to create well-designed pages with a matter of minutes. All in all, a decent page builder could save a lot of our precious time. 

But major page builders open their hands(advanced features) with the exchange of money. So to afford a good page builder is a very costly deal for an indie blogger.

Brizy page builder gives us the same premium features free of cost. If you want it to use in your blog you don’t have to invest a penny in it. Though for more than one website I would suggest you purchase the Pro lifetime version as they deserve it.

If you have any questions regarding Brizy page builder, the comment box is waiting for you. Drop your question in the comment box and I will clear up your questions. As well as share this article with your social circles as they deserve to get a free page builder like Brizy page builder.

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