9 Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2018 [High Paying]

Why go to Google AdSense Alternatives

Every person faces a dark day in his life when Adsense blocks him serving ads on his website for policy violence. It discourages you when something happens on your website like this. Google advertisement policy is very strict and violating it may cause deactivating your Adsense account.

And it could be very very painful when you are unaware that you are violating some AdSense policies and one morning you will find your AdSense deactivated.

On the other hand, creating a new Adsense account is also a tuff job. They generally don’t approve your application if you are not fulfilling their tuff criteria for approval. You have to fulfill all the criteria for an approval.

Even I have faced that same situation in my starting days of blogging. I submitted my application many times but they rejected showing some reason behind this.

So I researched the internet if I could find an alternative to Adsense and got surprised seeing there are many Adsense alternatives available on the market.

I tested many of them on my website. Some of them were fake resulting no income at the end of the month, but between them, few were the real money-making machine.

Yes, there are many other networks available in the market who are paying quit better money, serving ads on your website.

I researched a lot and came with a decent list of AdSense alternatives Because I want that nobody will face those dark days like me, of AdSense un-approval for their website, and can generate revenue without AdSense.

Now it’s time to show you the list of 9 high paying Google AdSense Alternatives.

1. Media.Net


Media.net is my first recommendation if you are looking for reliable Google AdSense alternatives. The reason behind this is, Media.net is a joint venture of Yahoo and Bing, the big names on internet world.

The second reason is it’s quite similar to AdSense, serving ads on your website. They have similar ads and features to AdSense and also as lucrative as AdSense.

Media.Net has same features as AdSense like you can customize your ad unit’s color, size etc for the better appearance of your website or blog.

Click here to Sign up Media.Net

2. Infolinks


Infolinks is one of the best ad networks on the internet.  There are many blogs on the internet who are using it successfully and also generating a decent revenue from this advertising network.

Infolinks offer in-text links to their advertising partners and only pay for PPC means pay per click not for CPI or cost per impression. But click through rate of their ads is high. And the reason behind this is, they place their ads between your content and turn your keywords into links. When somebody hovers over those keywords they view the advert and clicking on the advert redirects them to the advertiser’s website.

They don’t take any space on your website for keyword ad placements. All the keyword ads are automatic and operated directly from their system.

Although, they also offer other types of adverts like Research ads, In-tag ads, and iframe adverts. It all depends on you to use other types of ads or not because CTR is more in keyword adverts.

They have good payment history and no fraud records. So you can use this ad network without worry.

Click here to Sign up Infolinks.com

3. Buy Sell Ads

buysellads-adsense alternatives

With buy sell ads you can sell direct ad spaces on your website. Buy sell ads network plays a role of broker between you and advertiser. You can choose which ads you want to place on your website.

Most top bloggers in the world are already using it. It has many useful features which can help you to monetize your blog in a right way.

Buy sell ads offer some unique tools including Apps Monetization, Tweets Monetization,  Ross Monetization, Email Monetization, and mobile Web.

With these tools, you can effectively monetize and earn a decent income from your blog.

Click here to Sign up Buysellads.com

4. ClickSor


Clicksor has a good reputation in the advertising market and comes just after Chitika. Millions of bloggers are using Clicksor and getting paid serving ads on their websites.

You can try it out. Its payment schedule is good and you will get paid just after reaching 50$ in your Clicksor account.

As Clicksor says, They pay 60% of their ad revenue to advertisers. Although, the actual rate varies on the market condition and geographical location of the user.

Also, Your website performance can affect your ad revenue so optimizing website performance when working with Clicksor is beneficial.

Clicksor offers Inline text ads, graphical banners, Pop-unders, Text Banners etc.

Click here to Sign up Clicksor.com

5. Chitika


Chitika is another best Google Adsense alternative. As many bloggers are using this ad network and getting paid. Chitika is equipped with search target ad system.

It takes data from the user’s browser and serves ads related to browser search history which improve the CTR. They also serve mobile and local ads for better conversion. Its search target advert is an amazing feature which will show the exact ad content in which user is interested and by this your click-through rate increases.

Chitika’s local ad feature serve local ads in the adverts from users area. It also improves CTR.

It’s mobile ads feature also helps to improve CTR because the user can see ads on mobile too.

Click here to Sign up Chitika.com

6. Adclick Media


Ad click media is also popular among bloggers as it is a good alternative for AdSense.

They offer their publishers pay per click ad placements.

Ad click Media has a variety of ad formats which includes  Banner Display Ads, Full Page Interstitial Ads, Photo Text Ads, Email Banner Display Ads, Pay-Per-Click Ads.

Click here to Sign up Adclickmedia.com

7. Ayboll


Ayboll is a good alternative to AdSense as it believes that abusing ads can ruin user experience and at the end the chance of your earning.

They offer a wide verity of ads to make money with from your blogging. If you choose this advertising network you can access a wide verity of revenue generating opportunities cause they offer a wide verity of products which is just not limited to banner ads and Intext links.

They offer native ads which will beautifully blend with your website theme and you can get more conversions.

They also offer interstitial ads mean non-obstructive ads that appear in between your user’s page viewing activity.

There before you leave ads,  exit popup ads and above the fold ads will generate more and more revenue for you.

Click here to Sign up Ayboll.com

8. MadAds Media


Madads Media is a new platform for bloggers but has a great potential to serve quality ads and paying revenue.

They offer many types of ad formats includes CPL, CPM, CPA, CPC etc.

As it has built a reputation in the ad network, you can also think about it. Go and check what kind of ads it provides and also check their past payouts.

After that, if you will be interested in AmdAds Media you can join their Ad Platform to serve ads on your website.

Click here to Sign up Madadsmedia.com

9. PopAds


Pop ads is a big network of advertisers and publishers. It mainly serves popunder ads.

They give good ad rates to their publisher and you can generate more revenue with this ad network with their Pop-under ad strategy.

They have also other ad formats available which you can give a try. Their approval is easy and you will be approved and also you can set your ads in minutes.

Click here to Sign up Popads.com


Now it’s your turn. You can try out all Google Adsense alternatives and choose the best one suits you. I have also tried many of them and comfortable with. So I came with this list.

I hope this list will help you to choose the best Google Adsense Alternatives.

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